Wizards and Thunder Must Execute To Win

Wizards and Thunder Must Execute To Win

Washington Wizards and OKC Thunder, both teams have squandered a big lead only to lose the game. Thunder has little room for error; but you never want to lose the momentum in the NBA Playoffs. However, the Wizards its a win or grab your tackle box and go fishing if they lose.

Washington Wizards has proven they can score; however, they must continue to execute and force the action when they have a lead. If John Wall to really plan to show in this NBA series, tonight is the night. He has shot poorly and as leader of this team, he must have best game to prevent the Wizards’ elimination. Washington must execute and not be overcome by their NBA inexperience. Defense is not this team’s identity; therefore, they must stay on the gas run an uptempo game. Wall is one of the quickest guards in the Association and he should push tempo whenever he gets the chance.

OKC Thunder needs to find a half-court offense that does not consist of Westbrook freelancing or passing the ball to Kevin Durant and see what happen. The Thunder like the Wizards must execute a lot better. There is no way Chris Paul is supposed to guard Kevin Durant without posting him up. You run a play to take advantage of the size mismatch. Execution of your game plan and do not stray from it when you have the lead. If the Clippers are going to allow a guard to defend Durant make them pay for it.

NBA Playoffs this year is by far the best in years.