Winning Fantasy Football

Winning Fantasy Football

Do You want Learn How to win more Daily Fantasy Sports Football Contests?

Fantasy Football GuideYou want to win more Daily Fantasy Football Contests.  We can help with  the book titled, Blueprint for a Winning Daily Fantasy Sports Football Optimizer.  It provides  instructions to create a Daily Fantasy Sports Football optimizer. It briefly provides some research tips to help most fantasy football players who are started to switch to playing fantasy football format on websites like DraftKings or FanDuel.  The Blueprint will  use of Excel, VBA, and an Excel add-in called OpenSolver to build multiple lineups quicker.  It will not eliminate research, but it will allow you to  save time while drafting your fantasy football lineups.  VBA codes not associated with building the football optimizer will be available in the book.  You will be able to gather data on most websites. The titles states fantasy football but instructions with a few adjustments will allow you to build an optimizer for any fantasy sport of your choice.




Saves Time Downloading Stats and Creating Lineups for fantasy football contests

Build Multiple Lineups at a Click of a Button

Customization of  Fantasy Football Draft Pools

Helps  You be More Objective when selecting a fantasy football roster




Get  Blueprint for a Winning Daily Fantasy Sports Football Optimizer to Win More Fantasy Football Contests