Why the Seattle Seahawks Look Good to Repeat As Super Bowl Champs

Why the Seattle Seahawks Look Good to Repeat As Super Bowl Champs


Seattle Seahawks won their first Super Bowl in 2013, but no one cares about last season’s accomplishments. The other 31 NFL Teams will look to make sure there will not be a repeat performance for the 2014 NFL Football season. However, Seahawks look ready for anyone standing in their way at another run at the Super Bowl. NFL threw one of the tougher schedules at reigning Super Bowl Champs, but no tears from anyone or team. Seahawks can handle it.

Russell Wilson QB for Seattle SeahawksSeahawks still has the best secondary in football and it will get nice test in the opener against Green Bay. Richard Sherman love games like this because he will have to limit the effectiveness of Aaron Rodger-led passing game. Everyone knows Sherman is quite cable ask Michael Crabtree or Peyton Manning. NFL All-Pro safety Earl Thomas should make Seattle’s defense on paper is still one of the best in the league and but have to wait few games into the 2014 NFL Regular Season to really endorse a great defense.

Seattle Seahawk fans may just get the explosive Percy Harvin for the entire season. With Russell Wilson, and Mr. Beast Mode, Marshawn Lynch, Seattle‘s offense will be able take care of business. With a defense, called the Legion of Boom, the offense does not have to do too much. Wilson has looked good during the NFL PreSeason, but in my opinion pre-season game performances have never been good indicator of how well team will do during the NFL Regular season.

There have not been repeat Super Bowl Champs in 10 years. The last team to do it was the New England Patriots. The trend most recently for Super Bowl Champs following season, they usually do make the NFL Playoffs. For example, Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl failed to make the NFL Playoffs last season. The road will be tough, but Seahawks ‘roster has the personnel. Pete Carroll will have them ready. It starts with Green Bay Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers Tickets should be one of many NFL Football tickets that will be well worth the price of admission.