Why J.J Watt The Highest Paid Defensive Player Will Be Better in the 2014 Regular Season

Why J.J Watt The Highest Paid Defensive Player Will Be Better in the 2014 Regular Season

J.J. Watt the highest paid defensive player in the league with $100 million six year contract with the Houston Texans. The $51.8 million is guaranteed. Watt has been the one of the best defensive player since being selected 11tj in the 2011 NFL Draft. His numbers definitely justifies the big contract. Thus far Watt has 36.5 sacks in his career.

J.J WattHow much scarier does Watt become if Jadeveon Clowney lives up to the hype coming out of South Carolina. I could actually see him surpassing 22.5 sacks most sacks in a season held by Michael Strahan. When you consider he came pretty darn close in 2012 with 20.5. I know offensive blocking schemes will always beware of both Clowney and Watt, but Clowney could make Watt job of getting to the quarterback a lot easier. Clowney is a rookie blessed with great athleticism but he will have take lumps learning how to excel in the Texans system and exploiting blocking schemes that opposing offenses will throw at him.

Clowney could learn a lot from Watt and this could make both players a tandem that will break a lot of defensive records. Texans’ pass rush will definitely be one of the most feared in the NFL. Watt has motor that do not quite and he has more than enough strength to overpower blockers. Watt can move for a man of his size. His speed will never be compared to Clowney, however, Watt has the speed to chase down running backs and get after quarterbacks.

Houston will use both players in variety of ways and it should be interesting watch if you like to see good defense. They will use stunts to confuse offenses, but both Watt and Clowney coming full throttle off the snap of the ball will make Texans quite imposing for offenses. It is the NFL; therefore, NFL offenses will adapt to negate possible fast pass rush with quicker drops and pass plays. Without a doubt, the Texans’ pass rush will be greatly improve with Watt and Clowney playing well together.