Why DraftKings Daily Fantasy Review

Why DraftKings? A good question with many different answers by the millions of the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) players that try to become a winner daily. As a frequent player of the DFS site, you can get a second hand account in this review of why DraftKings appeal to daily fantasy players. You will hear some insight on the typical player playing on DraftKings, the website’s usability and the various sports offered. It is not all about the money, because there are numerous DFS sites offering similar cash and prizes to the well-informed people who pick the best rosters for their DFS contest. There are the pros and cons of DraftKings to allow you to come up with your answer to Why DraftKings?

Why DraftKings? For DraftKings, it started in 2012 and their popularity has not stop growing. Nearly everyone plays on DraftKings.There are 45 states that are allowed to play daily fantasy sports. Before you sign-up, you are asked if you live in the five states that DraftKings is not available to win prizes. You can sign-up, but you are not eligible to win prizes if you reside in Arizona, Iowa, Louisana, Montana, or Washington. Many of the players actually playing on DraftKings are between 25-35 years of age. In a survey conducted by Eilers Research, DFS players favored playing on DraftKings. Therefore, the popularity is a reason Why DraftKings is well-known to anyone who has thought about playing daily fantasy sports.

DraftKings’ website is easy to navigate and you will find entering almost any contest is a breeze. I am providing this video below to show you how easy it is to get around on the website. The website is very user-friendly. You are able to join any daily fantasy contest with ease.


Why DraftKings The Variety of Sports for Daily Fantasy Sports Participants

There are 10 sports available for daily fantasy sports players to play on DraftKings.com. The selection of sports fit almost anyone tastes.

  • College Basketball
  • College Football
  • MLB Baseball
  • MMA
  • NASCAR Racing
  • NBA Basketball
  • NFL Football
  • NHL Hockey
  • PGA Golf
  • Soccer

Why DraftKings Good Point Scoring System and Salary Cap Requirements For Each Sport

On DraftKings, the roster requirements, and point scoring systems for the 10 sports are different. The salary cap for selecting players for your rosters is $50,000. The $50,000 salary cap limit is set for all sports.

College Basketball

There are 8 roster positions. Positions consist of 3 Guards, 3 Forwards, and 2 Utility positions. You can fill the utility positions with guards or forwards. A player earns fantasy points in accordance with the chart found under the Point Scoring System below.

Point Scoring System
Task Points
Made 3-Point Shot +0.5 Points
Rebound +1.25 Points
Double-Double +1.5 Points (points, rebounds, and assists only)
Triple-Double +3 Points (points, rebounds, and assists only)

College Football

There are 9 roster spots. The rosters spots are 2 quarterbacks (QB), 2 running backs (RB), 3 wide receivers (WR), 2 flex. Filling the 2 flex positions, it requires you to pick from WRs or RBs. Below is the scoring system used for each College Football contest on DraftKings.

Point Scoring System
Task Points
Passing TD +4 Points
25 Passing Yards +1PT (+0.04PT/ per yard is awarded)
300+ Yard Passing Game +3Points
Interception -1PT
10 Rushing Yards +1PT (+0.1PT per yard is awarded)
Rushing TD +6Points
100+ Yard Rushing Game +3Points
10 Receiving Yards +1PT (+0.1PT per yard is awarded)
Reception +1PT
Receiving TD +6Points
100+ Yard Receiving Game +3Points
Punt/Kickoff Return for TD +6Points
Fumble Lost -1PT
2 Point Conversion (Pass, Run, or Catch) +2Points

MLB Baseball

In MLB contest, there are 10 roster spots to fill. There are 2 pitchers, a catcher, first baseman/designated hitter, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, 3 outfielders.

Point Scoring System
Hitters Scoring System
Task Points
Single +3 Points
Double +5 Points
Triple +8 Points
Home Run +10 Points
Run Batted In +2 Points
Run +2 Points
Base on Balls +2 Points
Hit By Pitch +2 Points
Stolen Base +5 Points
Caught Stealing -2 Points
Pitchers Scoring System
Task Points
Inning Pitched +2.25 Points
Strike Out +2 Points
Win +4 Points
Earned Run Allowed -2 Points
Hit Against -0.6 Points
Base on Balls Against -0.6 Points
Hit Batsman -0.6 Points
Complete Game +2.5 Points
Complete Game Shut Out +2.5 Points
No Hitter +5 Points


The rosters will consist of 5 Fighters

Point Scoring System
Moves Scoring
Task Points
Significant Strikes (SS) +0.5 Points
Advance (ADVC) +1 PT
Takedown (TD) +2 Points
Reversal/Sweep (REV) +2 Points
Knockdown (KD) +3 Points
Fight Conclusion Bonuses
Task Points
1st Round Win (1rW+) +100 Points
2nd Round Win (2rW+) +70 Points
3rd Round Win (3rW+) +50 Points
4th Round Win (4rW+) +40 Points
5th Round Win (5rW+) +40 Points
Decision Win (WBD+) +25 Points


The rosters will consist of 6 drivers.

Point Scoring System

Task Points
Place Differential +/- 1 Points
Fastest Laps +0.5 Points
Laps Led +0.25 Points
Finishing Position Scoring
Task Points
1st 46 Points
2nd 42 Points
3rd 41 Points
4th 40 Points
5th 39 Points
6th 38 Points
7th 37 Points
8th 36 Points
9th 35 Points
10th 34 Points
11th 33 Points
12th 32 Points
13th 31 Points
14th 30 Points
15th 29 Points
16th 28 Points
17th 27 Points
18th 26 Points
19th 25 Points
20th 24 Points
21st 23 Points
22nd 22 Points
23rd 21 Points
24th 20 Points
25th 19 Points
26th 18 Points
27th 17 Points
28th 16 Points
29th 15 Points
30th 14 Points
31st 13 Points
32nd 12 Points
33rd 11 Points
34th 10 Points
35th 9 Points
36th 8 Points
37th 7 Points
38th 6 Points
39th 5 Points
40th 4 Points
41st 3 Points
42nd 2 Points
43rd 1 Points

NBA Basketball

There are 8 roster positions. The positions are Point Guard (PG), Shooting Guard (SG), Small Forward (SF), Power Forward (PF), Center (C), Guard (G), Forward (F), and Utility position (U). Any player can fill the U position. The G position can be either PG or SG. The F position requires a PF or SF.

Point Scoring System
Task Points
Point +1 PT
Made 3 Point shot +0.5 Points
Rebound +1.25 Points
Assist +1.5 Points
Steal +2 Points
Block +2 Points
Turnover -0.5 Points
Double-Double +1.5Points (MAX 1 PER PLAYER: Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, Steals)
Triple-Double +3Points (MAX 1 PER PLAYER: Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, Steals)

NFL Football

The roster spots for NFL Football Contest are 9 roster positions. They are quarterback, 2 running backs, 3 wide receivers, tight end, Flex position, and a defense/special teams. The flex position can be a RB, WR, or TE. On DraftKings, positions are abbreviated as QB, RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, WR3, TE, FLEX (RB/WR/TE), and DST.

Point Scoring System
Offensive Players Scoring
Task Points
Passing TD +4 Points
25 Passing Yards +1PT (+0.04PT/ per yard is awarded)
300+ Yard Passing Game +3Points
Interception -1 Point
10 Rushing Yards +1PT (+0.1PT per yard is awarded)
Rushing TD +6 Points
100+ Yard Rushing Game +3 Points
10 Receiving Yards +1PT (+0.1PT per yard is awarded)
Reception +1PT
Receiving TD +6 Points
100+ Yard Receiving Game +3 Points
Punt/Kickoff Return for TD +6 Points
Fumble Lost -1PT
2 Point Conversion (Pass, Run, or Catch) +2 Points
Offensive Fumble Recovery TD +6 Points
Defense/Special Teams Scoring
Task Points
Interception +2 Points
Fumble Recovery +2 Points
Kickoff Return TD +6 Points
Punt Return TD +6 Points
Interception Return TD +6 Points
Fumble Recovery TD +6 Points
Blocked Punt or FG Return TD +6 Points
Safety +2 Points
Blocked Kick +2 Points
0 Points Allowed +10 Points
1-6 Points Allowed +7 Points
7-13 Points Allowed +4 Points
14-20 Points Allowed +1Point
21-27 Points Allowed 0 Points
28-34 Points Allowed -1 Point
35+ Points Allowed -4 Points

NHL Hockey

The 9 roster positions are 3 Wingmen, 2 Centers, 2 Defensemen, Utility, and Goalie. The abbreviations used on DraftKings are W, W, W, C, C, D, D, UTIL, and G.

Point Scoring System
Player Scoring
Task Points
Goal +3 Points
Assist +2 Points
Shot on Goal +0.5 Points
Blocked Shot +0.5 Points
Short Handed Point Bonus (Goal/Assist) +1 Points
Shootout Goal +0.2 Points
Hat Trick Bonus +1.5 Points
Goalie Scoring
Task Points
Win +3 Points
Save +0.2 Points
Goal Against -1 Points
Shutout Bonus +2 Points

PGA Golf

The roster consists of 6 golfers.

Point Scoring System
Per Hole Scoring Scoring
Task Points
Double Eagle (DBL EAG) +20 Points
Eagle (EAG) +8 Points
Birdie (BIR) +3 Points
Par (PAR) +0.5 Points
Bogey (BOG) -0.5 Points
Double Bogey (DBL BOG) -1 Point
Worse than Double Bogey (WORSE DBL BOG) -1 Point
Tournament Finish Scoring
Task Points
1st 30 Points
2nd 20 Points
3rd 18 Points
4th 16 Points
5th 14 Points
6th 12 Points
7th 10 Points
8th 9 Points
9th 8 Points
10th 7 Points
11th–15th 6 Points
16th–20th 5 Points
21st–25th 4 Points
26th–30th 3 Points
31st–40th 2 Points
41st-50th 1 Points
Streaks and Bonuses Scoring
Task Points
Streak of 3 Birdies of Better (MAX 1 Per Round)(3+ BIR STRK) +3 Points
Bogey Free Round (BOG FREE RD) +3 Points
All 4 Rounds Under 70 Strokes (ALL 4 RDS UND 70) +5 Points
Hole in One (HOLE IN ONE) +10 Points


The 8 roster positions are Goal Keeper, 2 Defenders, 2 Midfielders, 2 Forwards Flex (Any non-goalie position). GK, D, D, M, M, F, F, Flex (any non-goalie) are the abbreviations that used when creating your daily fantasy lineup.

Point Scoring System
Task Points
Goal +10 Points
Assist +6 Points
Shot +1 Points
Shot on Goal +1 Points
Crosses +1 Points (Ball sent in from the wing, into the box for offensive purposes. Corner kicks do not count)
Fouls Drawn +0.75 Points
Red Card -1 Points
Saves (GK) +2 Points
Goal Allowed (GK) -2 Points
Clean Sheet (GK, D) +5 Points
One Goal Allowed (GK, D) +2 Points
Win (GK) +5 Points
Penalty Kick Save (GK) +3 Points

Why DraftKings- The Type of Contest Offered

GPPWhy DraftKings Example of GPP Contest (Guaranteed Prize Pool) Contests – GPP’s are contests that payout the entire prize pool, regardless if the contest fills or not. These are the contest that you will hear about often, because it usually offers highest cash prizes.




Why DraftKings League Contest League contests closes automatically if not fill to capacity. A cancellation of a contest translates to a refund of entry fees. League can range from 3 entries and up.




Why DraftKings Head2Head Lobby PicHead-to-Head contest are winner takes all in these one-on-one contests. It really allows you to show your skill when you only have to defeat one player instead of a few thousand to win a prize.





Why DraftKings 50/50 Contest50/50’s are contest that entrants finishing in the top-half of the field wins cash. It is a straight-forward contest. You finish better than half the field you get to claim a prize. The type of contest allows you to focus more on building a balance roster of players that are steady and almost always reach their average of fantasy points.





Why DraftKings Example Qualifier Contest Qualifier Contest are the type of contest, you win tickets that allow you free entry into a higher stakes contest. You will find a few examples where the only way to win cash and prizes is by winning a qualifier contest that leads to the higher stakes contest.




Why DraftKings Multiplier Contest in LobbyMultipliers are contest that entrants can win 3x TO 10x their entry fees in these contest. This is a good way to increase your bankroll rather quickly and the contest usually are not too large, but still competitive.




Why DraftKings Step ContestSteps contest you can advance at each step by winning a ticket to the next level. You can play in a Step 1 contest for just $2.00 and move closer to Step 4 to win cash.




Why DraftKings Example Beginner ContestBeginner is the type of contest that beginners play against other beginners in up to 50 contests for each sport. Once you reach the limit, per sport, these contests will no longer be available to enter.




Multi-Match Head-to-Head- Contest enters you into 20 unique Head-to-Head matchups, under one entry, where you win cash with each win. The prize structure mimics the payout you would receive if you played each person in a single Head-to-head contest. 20 people will win cash in this 21-entrants tournament.

Why DraftKings Frequent Player Points Earned

Why DraftKings Example FPP StoreFrequent Player Points (FPP) are points earned for every paid contest you play. Contest with higher entry fees translates to receiving more FPP. You do not have to worry about winning or losing the contest entered, you receive FPP based only on playing in the contest that you pay an entry fee. Therefore, you will not receive FPP for any free daily fantasy contest you play. There is a FPP store for using the FPP earned. You can exchange FPP points for tickets to certain daily fantasy sports contest.

Why DraftKings Bonus and Promotions

Signup Bonus

You can look almost anywhere on the Internet and find promotions for DraftKings. For anyone new signing up to Draftkings, you receive up to $600.00 on your first deposit only. You can use PayPal or a credit card to fund your account. Your bonus released in increments of every 100 Frequent Player Points (FPP) you earn. You earn FPP via the cash games or games you actually pay the entry fee. You cannot earn FPP by playing in free games. Contest with higher entry fees earn you more FPP.


There are many promotions For example, $15 Millionaire Maker Fantasy Football World Championship is one major promotions that currently advertised for DraftKings and ESPN. The winner of this contest earns $5,000,000 for the Top prize. You can win but you first have to sign up to DraftKings to have a chance.

$7 Millionaire Maker Fantasy Football another popular contest. The winner earns $1.2 million. To increase your chances enter more than one team in the contest. The entry fee for the contest is $20.00. However, there are qualifier contest with entry fee as small as .25 cents. If you win the qualifier contest, you save yourself $20.00 needed to play for the top prize of $1.2 million.

$100,000 King of the Speedway contest is a qualifier only contest. You cannot pay an entry fee and you are in the contest. You have to win a spot via qualifier contest. The top prize for the contest is $25,000, but there is 3-Night VIP package that comes with the contest and you can find out more details by visiting DraftKings.

There are plenty of promotions throughout the year and for various sports offered.

Why DraftKings Pros

It offers a variety of sports; therefore, anyone is more likely to find contest associated with the sport you like. It also allows you to become more familiar with sports that you may have never giving a second thought when playing fantasy sports. Why DraftKings, you get a variety sports not found on other daily fantasy sports websites.

DraftKings offer plenty of freerolls for anyone who might be trying to learn how to play before they are comfortable enough of risking money for an actual cash contest.

The ease of use of the software makes navigation and signing up for various contest quite easy. It has very low learning curve in regarding to working your way around the website. You can create a contest and share link or invite friends to play.

DraftKings allows you to make late games moves. For example, if you entered in a daily fantasy football contest that starts at 1:00 pm, you have Dallas Cowboys are playing the Sunday Night game and you get news that Cowboy you had on your fantasy roster will not play. You could switch that player out for any player available. It has to be done before the player’s game actually starts or locks.

For other fantasy websites, once the fantasy contest starts, you unable to make any changes. The capability of changing your roster before the actual sporting event begins, it helps when injury reports or news for postponing games come perhaps few minutes before the start of the sporting event.

The customer service has been outstanding. I have sent a few emails, and they would quickly respond to my inquiries. It did not take much time to have my questions answered or problems resolved.

Why DraftKings Cons

Technical difficulty can make you pull your hair at times. It may have the site unreachable to make last minute changes to the roster. In my experience, whenever technical difficulty occurred, DraftKings would refund any entry fees.

This maybe me finding a con, I think they could pay the bonus out a little faster. I know you have to earn 100 FPP to receive $1.00 of your bonus. They could reduce FPP required before $1.00 increment of your bonus occurs.

Why DraftKings Conclusion

DraftKings is the website of choice, because you really cannot beat the capability of making late-game moves despite a daily fantasy-football contest starting. You would be quite pleased with the low learning curve to the software to bring you the numerous fantasy contest.

DraftKings could improve how fast the promotion sign-up bonus is paid. There are not too many gripes regarding the website or customer service. Your daily fantasy sports experience with DraftKings should be quite pleasant. With any review, you can better understand Why DraftKings. You may start pondering why not a different daily fantasy sports website. You can see firsthand by signing up to DraftKings and learn why I would personally recommend it. However, you may not agree, but by trying it, you will form your opinion regarding DraftKings. You can truly answer from your experience, regarding DraftKings, a daily fantasy sports website.