Watch video DFS Basketball Picks for Nov 8, 2017

Watch video DFS Basketball Picks for Nov 8, 2017

The video contains DFS Basketball picks for the big tournament to be played on DraftKings. There are few factors that were used during the selection process. For example, the game’s Over/Under was considered for the projected pace of the game.

DFS Basketball Picks was not the only topic of the video. The video also contains information of how to get a book to help you build a NBA lineup optimizer. The book also contain instruction for creating an optimizer for other sports such as NFL Football or MLB Baseball. The code in the book can be modified for use of almost all Daily Fantasy Sports.

There are five games with at least two games projected to be blowouts. I think the games maybe closer than the projections. There just enough games that are not too bad to have some of the players in your lineup. The projected blowout may effect the players from game regarding their projected ownership. DFS players tend to take the risk of having star players in the lineup in case Over/Under or point spread is off.

The strategy of selecting bench players that will get playing time when the game is a blowout can be risky. You do have to take some risk, but not much risk tomorrow. There enough good games to select a good lineup.

The video was done a night prior to the slate of games; therefore, you should check the injury reports and other news to ensure the recommendations made in the video are still viable options. NBA news could make certain players a more ideal selection than what you may see in the video.

If you enjoy the video regarding the DFS basketball picks, you may also find the information regarding building an NBA Lineup Optimizer helpful; therefore go get the book. By getting the book I will earn a commission that will help me continue to create helpful Daily Fantasy Sports videos and maintain the blog.

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