Three Major Sports Book of Creating A Daily Fantasy Sports Line Optimizer

Daily Fantasy Sports BundleYou may find yourself looking for a better way to create Daily Fantasy Sports Lineups for NFL Football, NBA basketball and MLB Baseball. With three of my books, I address how you might create a tool to help build a NFL Lineup Optimizer, NBA Lineup Optimizer and MLB Lineup Optimizer. The books provide instructions to how you build optimizers for all three sports. An optimizer is a tool to help you select the DFS lineup in accordance to the rules you used in your code.

You can have three books I have written to help you build optimizers for football basketball, and baseball in one bundle at a discount. The three books included in the bundle are titled Blueprint for a Winning Daily Fantasy Sports Football Optimizer, Blueprint for a Winning Daily Fantasy Sports Basketball Optimizer, and Blueprint for a Winning Daily Fantasy Sports Baseball Optimizer. The bundle creates one source of lineup help for your DFS football, basketball, and baseball. By obtaining the bundle, you get three books at a discount than you would by purchasing each book individually.

The benefits of using an optimizer, it saves you time when creating multiple lines. In some cases, multiple lines provide you more chances to win in DFS contests entered. You will also use code to help you better customize what players to include in the selection process. This helps you tailor your draft pool to players with good matchups on the sports’ schedule. With the capability of customization in the code used with the optimizer, it helps you be contrarian from the majority of DFS players who use the same stats, projections, and DFS websites.

The title of the bundle is The Best Kept Secrets of a Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Optimizer Unlocked. You not only get the instructions to build optimizers for three major sports, but you will obtain other code to help with your DFS research and create tools to compare players. With the purchase of any of my books, you will be able to contact me via direct message on twitter @dsportymouth regarding any questions about building the optimizer or Daily Fantasy Sports.

Many readers in the past have used the Excel formulas and VBA codes for other sports. You can modify the code and formulas for other sports. The three-book bundle allows you get three books at a discount. It creates one source of information normally found in three different resources. You gain the benefits of an optimizer mentioned earlier.