The NCAA is a Joke

The NCAA is a Joke

I am laughing at the NCAA, because the NCAA is a joke. They are doing another bang up job of issuing punishment to College Football athletes. This time it is the Ohio State Buckeyes’ Daniel Herron, DeVier Posey, Mike Adams, and Solomon Thomas that violated NCAA rules and will be suspended for the first five games of the 2011-2012 seasons. The big name who also will serve five games suspension next season was the starting quarterback of Ohio State Terrelle Pryor.

I am not sure why Pryor and his teammates will be allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl when they clearly violated NCAA rules. NCAA needs to get more consistent with their rulings. University of Southern California should be fuming right about now, because Pryor will play despite breaking the rules. The headline of College Football was Cam Newton’s father and his attempt to provide his son services to Mississippi State for a price; however, Cam Newton will play despite his father was found guilty of committing violations. The USC Trojans are serving sanctions for Reggie Bush’s fiasco that happened over five years ago.

NCAA did not get it right regarding how Pryor and his teammates will be punished. They should not be allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl, but let not disappoint the many people. It is likely that most of the players who are faced with a five-game suspension will go to the NFL. I am not sure how the punishment would be served if all the players involved decide to enter the upcoming NFL Draft.

If the NCAA is suppose to be the governing body of amateur athletics then here is some constructive criticism, your punishment must be consistent and fair for each school. I will be first to say I think the College athlete generating income for the school should be paid; however, since the rules states he or she cannot be paid as amateur then, the athlete who will accept money should be punished. I do not agree with the rule and further disagree upon how punishment is levied by the NCAA.

It is not fair to a team like the USC Trojans or Arkansas Razorbacks for different reasons. The Trojans in 2005 was found guilty of rules violation, yet there is not one player from 2005 team that would be punished. The Razorbacks stayed out of trouble and did not commit any violations, but they will face an Ohio State team that will have players on the Depth Chart who should not be allowed to play. NCAA your words for the day is it is time to be more consistent.