What Team Will Win the Western Conference Championship

Western Conference Championshp Team San Antonio Spurs

What Team Will Win the Western Conference Championship


San Antonio Spurs have shown they are ready for a second consecutive trip back to the NBA Finals. However, the NBA MVP, Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma Thunder will try to send the Spurs back to the Lone Star state empty-handed. The task will not be easy, and it does no help that Thunder will not have Serge Ibaka in on the court due to a calf-injury. The Spurs front-line could dominate the boards and could lead them to another Western Conference Championship.

Western Conference Championshp Team San Antonio Spurs

How the San Antonio Spurs Can win the Western Conference Championship

The Spurs dismantled the Portland Trailblazers, and they made it looked rather easy. Tony Parker has been able to get to the rim when he wanted. and it kept opposing defenses off-balanced. Kawhi Leonard has used the NBA Playoffs to show he is next in line to star in the Association. Both Leonard and Parker must play well to advance to the NBA Finals. Tim Duncan and Spurs’ big men should be able to take advantage of Ibaka’s missing the NBA Playoff series. However, the Spurs cannot allow Thunder’s Russell Westbrook to control tempo and get into lane. It is a given that Kevin Durant will be virtually unstoppable. Spurs’ best option is to force Westbrook to take bad shots and slow the tempo down.

Western Conference Championship Team OKC Thunder

How the OKC Thunder Can win the Western Conference Championship

Thunder will have to play better defense and get better production from players other than Durant and Westbrook. Westbrook must play within himself and not force action that is not there. If OKC can keep Parker honest on offense, they definitely have chance. The Spurs do not win this Western Conference Championship if Parker does not play well. Thunder wants to run and that means they will have to limit Spurs’ offensive rebounding. This will not be an easy task when they best rebounder, Ibaka will not play. The Thunder’s Steven Adams, Kendrick Perkins, and rest of their big men must make an extra effort on the boards.

Western Conference Championship Prediction

Western Conference Championship will be the Spurs to lose. The Spurs are better defensive team than the Thunder. The Spurs bench will help keep this team fresh. Both Westbrook and Durant are dynamic scorers, but you have to look elsewhere for scoring. Reggie Jackson off the bench is a good option, but in the middle there will be problems. Thunder’s big men are undersized and you asking too much of them to try stop Duncan and company on the boards. Spurs can only win if Parker is playing a great series and not allowing Westbrook to push the up-tempo pace that Thunder likes playing. This series may have the chance to go 7 games. Fans still can grab your Western Conference Championship tickets.because this series will be a great series to watch.