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Washington Nationals Star Bryce Harper Aggressive Play Could Be A Problem

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Stop if you have heard this before, Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals is hurt again. Major League Baseball has long and grueling schedule and some injuries are almost unavoidable. However, there are some players like Harper is constantly injured. Harper is an important part to the Nationals making the MLB Post-season.

Harper’s latest injury is to his thumb. He is on the 15-day disabled list. He injured his thumb in aggressive head-first diving slide for a triple. You want player to play hard but the don’t-quit and aggressive style of play can be costly for team and player over time. He missing games that his play and bat is needed. It is early into the season and Harper’s injury may not hurt as much as being injured in must-win games later in the season. Once he returns, Harper will still be that aggressive player; therefore how long will it be before he is sidelined again.

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NL All-Stars Win and Milwaukee Brewers Get A Closer

National League All-Stars get second straight win and Milwaukee makes move to get a closer. Highlights have many fans wanting to catch good baseball game. National League winning two consecutive years is a rarity. It is about time the American League has been quite dominant for sometime.

National League provided some dominant pitching. The pitching combined for a six hitter and one run. Tyler Clippard of the Washington Nationals earned the win and San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson earned the save. Prince Fielder’s three-run homerun was more enough for the National League, but it also earned him the National League Most Valuable Player. Fielder will not soon forget 5-1 victory.

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Stephen Strasburg a Star in Waiting

Stephen Strasburg, the number one pick of the Washington National in 2009, hype is as advertised. He will start in Double a Harrisburg ball club, but it would be difficult to argue that fans and the Washington Nationals team will be chomping at the bit to get this flame thrower in their rotation this season.

Great pitching trumps offense in the Big Leagues and taking the Nationals need to win Strasburg would be needed in their rotation this year. It will not put the Nationals in the playoffs but he will definitely help improve the worst team in baseball.

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