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Daily Fantasy Sports Football Lineup Picks For QBs and Wrs in NFL Week 7


Daily Fantasy Sports Football Lineup Picks for NFL Week 7 begins with quarterbacks and receivers. The best overall matchup for any quarterback would be the Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott going against the San Francisco 49ers. Prescott is not the only quarterback with a great match. You will learn later what other quarterbacks should be on your Daily Fantasy Sports Football radar. Wide receivers search is not as clear when you consider the best matchup for receivers maybe the Green Bay Packers versus the New Orleans Saints, but Aaron Rodgers’ is out and the backup quarterback Hundley is a question mark that will greatly affect Jordy Nelson and Devante Adams’ performances in NFL Week 7.  This picks can definitely help your Daily Fantasy Sports Football roster.

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Daily Fantasy Sports Football Advice for Running Backs in NFL Week 5

NFL Week 5 had slim pickings at the quarterback position; however, your Daily Fantasy Sports Football roster should be set for the running back position. Daily Fantasy Sports Football advice to help anyone who needs help selecting their fantasy roster. Every spot counts when you are trying to become a millionaire playing on DraftKings. Below you will find few selections to help you perhaps be the lone winner of the big $1,000,000 payday.

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Games to Watch in Week 3 of the NFL Regular Season

Week 3 of NFL Regular Season

Week 3 of NFL Regular Season begins tonight with Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus Atlanta Falcons. The Bucs will be looking for their first victory of the NFL season. Everyone eyes will be on the Sunday’s clash between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. Peyton and the Broncos should be looking for some big payback for the blowout Super Bowl victory by Seattle. Seahawks will be looking to bounce back from being defeated by the San Diego Chargers in Week 2 of the NFL Regular Season.

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Why the Seattle Seahawks Look Good to Repeat As Super Bowl Champs

Seattle Seahawks won their first Super Bowl in 2013, but no one cares about last season’s accomplishments. The other 31 NFL Teams will look to make sure there will not be a repeat performance for the 2014 NFL Football season. However, Seahawks look ready for anyone standing in their way at another run at the Super Bowl. NFL threw one of the tougher schedules at reigning Super Bowl Champs, but no tears from anyone or team. Seahawks can handle it.

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Seattle's Defense Dominates Denver To Win Super Bowl XLVIII

Always expect the unexpected best describes Super Bowl XLVIII. If anyone told me that the Seahawks would shutdown the high-powered offense of the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl, I would say please give two of whatever they were drinking. However, the Broncos imploded. Seattle’s secondary looked so in control. Peyton was not hurried much of the game, but he could not find too many open receivers. The Seattle secondary definitely earned all accolades of being the best secondary in the NFL. It would be Linebacker Malcolm Smith who was all over the field, and his pick 6 was hallmark of just how well the defense dismantled any hopes of the Broncos leaving Metlife Stadium with a Super Bowl win.

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Learn What Seahawks’ Stars Think of their first Super Bowl Win

Super Bowl victory was not unexpected; however, the fashion of how they took care of business probably had all the fans in awe. They shutdown the high-octane offense of the Denver Broncos. Anyone who claim they saw the 43-8 rout of the Broncos coming, they were bragging and not that much more. Below is video of how a few of the Seahawks players reflecting on their first Super Bowl win.

Packers and Steelers Are Winners in the NFL Playoffs

Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers were winners in Saturday’s games. Both are one win away from playing in the Super Bowl. The games were exciting to say the least.

Green Bay Packers are playing great football, and it is because of the fantastic play of Aaron Rodgers. Many thought Matt Ryan, and the Atlanta Falcons were virtually unbeatable at home, but the Packers not only defeated the Falcons they embarrassed them. The final score was 48-21. Rodgers numbers were quite impressive. He passed for 366 yards and 3 touchdowns; however, it was his accuracy that was amazing. Rodgers connected on 86 percent of the 36 passes he attempted. Packers had at least five wide receivers that had 70 or more receiving yards. The Packers stopped the Falcons’ run game, and forced Ryan to throw two turnovers. With the win, the Packers will face the winner of the Chicago Bears and the Seattle Seahawks.

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Battle of the Draft Grades: Team AFC West vs Team NFC West

Today we have the Team AFC West versus Team NFC West to see which conference had the better draft based only what team needed. The grades are not based on the overall talent that was draft but if the team used the draft to meet team needs. I thought it would be an amusing way to take look at how teams did with their picks in the draft.

Team AFC West has the Denver Broncos who shocked world with their draft selections. Although, they were probably more talented QBs out there they did get their QB in Tim Tebow. Overall, they earned a grade C+ because for the most part players they selected could possibly meet their team needs.

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