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Learn More about Upsets, RGIII is he the Franchise QB, and Detroit Playing With Discipline

Week 2 of the NFL Regular Season, you know I have my eye on the Dallas Cowboys versus the Houston Texans. Cowboys should be able to get their first win if they can limit their turnovers. Dez Bryant needs to have a big game and Demarco Murray minus any fumbles needs to have another solid performance to secure the Cowboys’ first win.

Now I must say I found this video below quite interesting because of few statements that were made. It is not really about the upsets that the experts picked but the statement regarding RGIII and the Detroit Lions. Washington Redskins like Dallas are also looking for their first win of the NFL Regular season. A few people in the video are wondering if RGIII is the right fit for the Redskins.

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Video To Watch: Should RGIII have said he Disagreed with Shanahan’s Rehab Plan?

It is never good idea for the star player and Head Coach to disagree publically. RGIII have since backed away from any comments he made. You want the two leaders on the same page because anything that looks like a dispute could be a distraction. You do not need any distraction going into the NFL Regular Season.

Washington Redskins should be just fine; however, I do feel RGIII needs a few reps during the NFL Preseason. This is football and injury can happen on any snap. Therefore, RGIII should see some action for a quarter at the very least. You can learn more by looking at the video.

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RGIII Outstanding, Peyton is Back, Luck Not So Much

Robert Griffin III looked like he has been there for years. Andrew Luck played like a rookie, Peyton Manning showed Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL is he is back. Three quarterbacks made some noise and the fans should expect that pattern to continue as the season goes.

NFC East may just have a problem on their hands trying to defend RGIII and the Redskins passing game. He made the organization look like geniuses as he had better first NFL game than Luck. Yes it is only game one but what a game one for the rookie. Griffin helped Washington to 40 points and first victory of the season over a New Orleans Saints team that was supposed to give them no chance. Griffin III passed for 320 yards and two touchdowns and had no interceptions. You could not ask for better performance considering what other rookies did around the league. RGIII will forever be compared to Luck but their first day on the job was really no comparison.

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