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How to Become A Complete Point Guard

Everyone is always looking for an edge of the competition and away to improve their skill level on the hardwood. There are few ways to become a complete point guard without cheating or relying on performance enhancing drug. It begins with practice and more practice. Basketball fundamentals seem to have took a back-burner to players playing in middle and high school.

A complete point guard is what makes a team better. He or she who plays point guard position must be able to pass, shoot, and have a good basketball IQ. Therefore, for the upcoming basketball players need a good foundation of good basketball fundamentals. It is frustrating to see a point guard who has a horrible outside shot. He or she are always looking to pass or does not want to get his or her teammates involved. A true point-guard thinks pass first. It is important to have a complete basketball game when playing the point guard position. You can be a scoring threat at the point guard position but you must get your teammates involved. This is truly a complete point guard.

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Most Unstoppable Shot in NBA History

Way back when Magic Johnson was running the point guard position for the Showtime Lakers in the 80s, I saw most unstoppable shot in NBA history. The slam dunk brought the excitement, but the shot that was consistently shot and I never saw blocked was the shot made famous by the All-time Leading scorer in NBA History, Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Well, For the young bucks out there, Jabbar’s sky hook in my opinion was the most unstoppable shot in basketball history. I have yet to see anyone to execute the shot like he did when he was with the Lakers. I was not a Lakers fan back in the day, I was a Philadelphia 76ers’ fan, and it was so frustrating to see Kareem lean with that sky hook, because it almost always went in. I am sure the shot was blocked, but I know personally I never saw Kareem’s sky hook blocked.

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