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Pittsburgh Pirates Clinch First Winning Season Since 1992

Baseball fans around the world must cheer for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Their losing seasons ends in 2013. The Pittsburgh Pirates have not had winning season since my twins were born, and they are 19 years of age now. I have served 7 years in the United States Navy and throughout my naval career 1993-2000 the Pirates had no winning season.

Okay, the Pirates have got the monkey off their back. Pittsburgh Pirates are looking for more than just a winning season. The Pirates are looking to make a lot of noise in October. It will be interesting to watch because the Pirates have shown they are capable of playing with the best in the National League. You should watch the video below and see just went on while the losing seasons piled up for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The streak is over and Pirates have a good chance to really go deep into MLB Postseason.

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What is going on in Major League Baseball

Baseball fans seem like they are watching a reality show without Housewives in the title. Jim Riggleman does not like how he was being treated by the Washington Nationals; therefore, he walks and the guy that coached Dwight Gooden to a World Series Ring, Davey Johnson is hired. Los Angeles Dodgers are having problems in the front office and many point the finger at distractions caused by Frank McCourt’s divorce settlement. The best player, Albert Pujols is on the mend for about four to six weeks.

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