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How the NFL Undefeated and the Winless will do in Week 4 of NFL Regular Season

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Going into Week 4 of the NFL Regular Season, the Arizona Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Philadelphia Eagles are the only teams still undefeated. Eagles received a slight scare from the Kirk Cousins’ led Washington Redskins, but Philadelphia held on to win by the score of 37-34. The Eagles will have to face a struggling San Francisco 49ers team in Week 4. The same 49ers’ team was defeated by Arizona by the score of 23-14. Both the Bengals and Cardinals Arizona can rest easy for moment as Week 4 will be a Bye Week for both teams.

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Checkout the Eagles Offseason Outlook

Philadelphia Eagles won the NFC East and Chip Kelly’s offense was as expected, exciting. However, the defense needs much improvement. Many will argue that you need offense, but if you take look at this year’s Super Bowl you would think otherwise. Denver Broncos best offense in the NFL was thrashed by the Seattle Seahawks. Seahawks had a defense and Philly will only get better if they can star players to the defense.

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Learn More about Monday Night Football: Philadelphia Versus Washington Preview

NFC East Division will be tough this season. The Philadelphia Eagles versus Washington Redskins will be an interesting game to watch. Chip Kelly’s explosive offense will finally be seen in a NFL Regular Season game. You look at the team speed of the Eagles, you truly see why you cannot wait for the Kickoff. The Redskins will has some offense of their own; however, the question will be what RGIII will take the field. It would be Griffin’s first snap against opposing team defense since his knee injury. You know he would have to shake off some rust and if it does not take too long, the game should be exciting. Philadelphia versus Washington is great divisional rivalry game.

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Dallas Cowboys Sit Idle in NFL Free Agency is not Good

Dallas Cowboys must be satisfied with their roster, because it has not made any significant moves in this year’s free agency. They cleared cap space to make moves, and the only real attempt Dallas has made was to go after Asomugha. It failed, and now, the Cowboys have not tried to get their feet wet so forget about making a big splash in the NFL’s Free Agency.

There needs lies in the secondary and with the release of Roy Williams, the Cowboys need a third wide receiver. Dez Bryant and Miles Austin are good wide receiver; however, they still need help. It would be great if Jerry Jones can coax Randy Moss out of retirement. Moss would be a great addition to Dallas. Secondary help begins by getting younger at the cornerback position or at least get someone who going to do better job than Terrence Newman and company did last season.

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NFL Week 16 Wrap Up

NFL Week 16 saw a Head Coach lose his job, a highly touted team not make it to the playoffs and the most unlikely of teams win their division. With one game left in the NFL Regular Season, San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Michael Singletary was fired. The San Diego Chargers did not do enough down the stretch to make the Playoffs. The Kansas City Chiefs wins the AFC West crown.

In NFL Week 16, the 49ers’ 25-17 loss to NFC West rival St. Louis Rams. It was enough to end Singletary’s tenure as Head Coach. The 49ers have such a talented team, but the quarterback situation was never to Singletary liking. The 49ers in majority of the games they played looked loss at times. It was inevitable that Singletary would be out; however, I thought he would be allowed to finish up the season.

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