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Roy Hibbert Bounces Back and Pacers Tie the Series 1-1


Whatever got into Roy Hibbert, it needs to stay there for the Indiana Pacers to get the much needed production out of their center. Hibbert 28 points, 9 rebounds and 2 block shots is a stat line that all Indiana fans can live with. Hibbert up until last night’s breakout game, had not did anything to help his team. He played motivated and he helped his team tie the series with a 86-82 victory over the Washington Wizards. Series is tied at 1-1 and only question can Hibbert continue to help his team with good production the fans saw in Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs.

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Spurs Smash Heat in Game 3 of the NBA Finals

Now, if anyone would have told me that the Miami Heat will be blown out by 36 points a few weeks ago, I would have told them not a chance. However, in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, San Antonio Spursicon did it. The Spurs’ 16 three-pointers along with the great defense on LeBron James are major reason the Heat were defeated by the score of 113-77. Danny Green former North Carolina Tar Heel, and Gary Neal could hardly miss from downtown.

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