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Daily Fantasy Sports Football Advice for NFL Week 6

If you struggled to pick a quarterback not name Aaron Rodgers, you should not have such a worry in Week 6 of the NFL Regular Season. There are plenty of potential great matchups to this week, but one that will draw your attention will be the game between the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans. Deshaun Watson has great chance to excel in this game. This is just at first glance and will dig deeper into what quarterbacks belong on your Daily Fantasy Sports Football roster for NFL Week 6.

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How to Pick Your Daily Fantasy Football Roster for NFL Week 6

Your daily fantasy football roster for NFL Week 6 begins with the game, Atlanta Falcons versus the New Orleans Saints. Statistics you may want to consider before selecting for your daily fantasy football roster are both teams are horrible against the pass.

In the video below, you will find the various picks for your daily fantasy football roster. I provide some detail in this post on I how arrived at suggesting the picks found in the video. I hope that for novice players who has tuned in for the first time, you get a better understanding of how to use stats. Stats help you find weaknesses of a team that you then can find a fantasy player to exploit the weakness and maximize you daily fantasy points total.

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