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Daily Fantasy Sports Football Advice for Tight Ends and DST in NFL Week 5

You have seen picks for all the positions except for Tight Ends and Defense/Special Teams. Finding a defense will not be as difficult as you may think. There is only hand full of Tight Ends that should grab your attention in NFL Week 5 to select them for your Daily Fantasy Sports Football roster. The only question is what tight end and defense will help you the most in your quest to win a $1,000,000 on DraftKings.com.

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Daily Fantasy Football Picks Advice for NFL Week 5 Sunday’s Games

This is daily fantasy football picks advice to help with you with your various daily fantasy contest for NFL Week 5. Below is video of few suggested picks along with some written analysis to why picks are suggested. You like this daily fantasy football advice, you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel The Sporty Mouth via the Subscribe button in the video. This information can be useful on most any daily fantasy sports website but if you are new and looking for a website please also read my review Why DraftKings?

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Daily Fantasy Football Picks For NFL Week 5 and The use of Stats

Daily fantasy football picks for NFL Week 5 begins with the Thursday matchup between the Indianapolis Colts versus the Houston Texans. Both teams are struggling, but for daily fantasy players the two questions that need answers are, Will the Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck play or can Texans’ running back Arian Foster return to form in his second game back.

It is imperative to always check and re-check the injury reports for this game or any game because finding out about an injury at the last minute can hurt your daily fantasy football roster. Before I go any further, the information regarding daily fantasy football picks are just suggestions. I am providing a few picks that I think will do well in NFL Week 5 or any given Thursday or Sunday. Ultimately, you decide if the picks are worthy to follow when selecting players for your fantasy football contest.

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