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Check Out this VIDEO: Are the Cavaliers Reaching Too Much With Right Now

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I have to wonder the same thing has the Cavaliers went into panic mode with what they are giving up to win right now. As I discussed yesterday, the 3-team trade was okay but the move to get Timofey Mozgov for first round picks was not one of their better moves. Mozegov is not world-stopper regarding defense and at best, he is probably good backup who happened to be starting in the NBA when he played with Denver.

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NBA Investigation Of Clippers’ Owner’s Alleged Ingorance Caught On Tape

Now, you know it will be interesting to see what the NBA will actually do once it finds out the allegations of Clipper’s owner has been proven true. You cannot fine a man of such wealth because it means nothing. It would not take away the fact the person think it is okay to make money off the backs and effort of minorities but still want to show them that racism is alive and well. NBA investigation of Clippers’ owner is the first step. If the allegations are true then the NBA cannot just give him a slap on the risk. The players suffer because this ignorance is a big distraction and it is not needed.

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Spurs Are Ready To Win The 2013 NBA Championship

San Antonio Spurs really know how mess up a prediction. I had the Memphis Grizzlies winning the Western Conference Finals; however, the Spurs had other plans. Memphis could not avoid being swept as Spurs await the winner of the Eastern Conference Finals. The Grizzlies needed to defy NBA History in order for them to advance to the 2013 NBA Championship Finals. The fact remains no team in in NBA History has won a NBA Playoff series once they are down 3-0.

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What a Week in Sports

A week in sports was quite good if you were a St. Louis Cardinals’ fan. They came from the brink of elimination to win the World Series in the seventh game. Other news, the NBA is still going in circles and cancels more games. It still not looking rosy for NBA fans regarding watching their favorite players play this season.

NBA an Acronym for No Bargaining Agreement and that spells Lockout

No Bargaining Agreement is great acronym for the NBA when the clock struck 12:00 A.M. Friday, July 01, 2011. The lockout is officially on for yet another professional sports league. It may put the upcoming 2011-2012 season in jeopardy. A league making billions of dollars you would think they could have avoided a lockout. Collective Bargaining Agreement is three words that has probably has a renewal on its 15 minutes of fame.

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