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Beckett Pitched His First Career No-hitter Against the Philadelphia Phillies

The no-hitter has always made me take notice of Major League Baseball. The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Josh Beckett had everyone take notice as he pitched his first no-hitter in the 6-0 win over the Philadelphia Phillies. Beckett bounced back from surgery and doubts by fans and himself if he would ever pitch in the Bigs again. Beckett his own biggest critic doubted if his pitching capability would allow him to pitch a no-hitter. However, he does not have to doubt anymore as the first career no-hitter clearly made a believer out of fans, the Phillies, and himself.

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Video: Fans Have Final Say in Yasiel Puig All-Star Game Debate

Should Puig be in the MLB All-Star game. I know may Los Angeles Dodgers’ fans would agree. He has shown he can play but it will be the fans who will decide if he plays in MLB All-Star game. Learn more by watching the video below.

What is going on in Major League Baseball

Baseball fans seem like they are watching a reality show without Housewives in the title. Jim Riggleman does not like how he was being treated by the Washington Nationals; therefore, he walks and the guy that coached Dwight Gooden to a World Series Ring, Davey Johnson is hired. Los Angeles Dodgers are having problems in the front office and many point the finger at distractions caused by Frank McCourt’s divorce settlement. The best player, Albert Pujols is on the mend for about four to six weeks.

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