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What Team Will Win the Western Conference Championship

Western Conference Championshp Team San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs have shown they are ready for a second consecutive trip back to the NBA Finals. However, the NBA MVP, Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma Thunder will try to send the Spurs back to the Lone Star state empty-handed. The task will not be easy, and it does no help that Thunder will not have Serge Ibaka in on the court due to a calf-injury. The Spurs front-line could dominate the boards and could lead them to another Western Conference Championship.

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Wizards and Thunder Must Execute To Win

Washington Wizards and OKC Thunder, both teams have squandered a big lead only to lose the game. Thunder has little room for error; but you never want to lose the momentum in the NBA Playoffs. However, the Wizards its a win or grab your tackle box and go fishing if they lose.

Washington Wizards has proven they can score; however, they must continue to execute and force the action when they have a lead. If John Wall to really plan to show in this NBA series, tonight is the night. He has shot poorly and as leader of this team, he must have best game to prevent the Wizards’ elimination. Washington must execute and not be overcome by their NBA inexperience. Defense is not this team’s identity; therefore, they must stay on the gas run an uptempo game. Wall is one of the quickest guards in the Association and he should push tempo whenever he gets the chance.

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Can Westbrook Help OKC Thunder As A Shoot First First Point Guard

Everyone knows that Kevin Durant is NBA MVP and his acceptance speech will go down in history as possibly the best for accepting award. Congratulations for winning the NBA MVP award. However, Let us take look at how Russell Westbrook helps and potentially hinder the progress of the scoring tandem to a NBA Title.

It is no secret Westbrook cannot be guarded one-on-one. He gets into the lane whenever he wants. He is a great on defense and he is capable of scoring at least 30 points a night. Things that make you scratch your head about Westbrook are questionable shot selection, taking too many shots and thinking of taking the shot before facilitating the offense.

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Thunder Shocks Lakers and Celtics Blasts the 76ers Only in the NBA Playoffs

Boston showed up to play some great playoff basketball in Wednesday night blowout victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. The 107-91 victory truly shows that Celtics can still be dominant despite being the elder statements of the NBA Playoffs. Oklahoma City Thunder has yet to lose a game in the NBA Playoffs and last night victory; it may have really put foot across the Black Mamba’s hope of a Championship ring. Los Angeles Lakers may need to panic at least a little bit.

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Memphis Grizzlies Forces a Game 7 with a 93-85 Victory

Memphis Grizzlies pushes their NBA playoff series to a Game 7 with a 95-83 victory. Zach Randolph great performance extends the Grizzlies playoff run. He scored 30 points and grabbed 13 rebounds. The Grizzlies played great defense during the game, and they were especially tough when Oklahoma Thunder Kevin Durant was trying to score.

Zach Randolph was making the interior defense of the Thunder looked like some recreation team playing. O.J. Mayo had 16 points and Michael Conley scored 11 points and passed out 12 assists. Grizzlies will to win would not be denied a Game 7.

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