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NFL Draft Recap

In case you were watching the NBA Playoff games and have not happened to hear the big and fast young man from South Carolina went first. Okay, almost everyone knows Jadeveon Clowney was selected with the first pick held by the Houston Texans. Well, Johnny Manziel or Drake’s friend will play with Cleveland Browns.

Clowney will team up with J.J. Watts to form one of the best pass-rushing duos in the league. Barring injury, you definitely could see Clowney getting at least 10 sacks his rookie season. Offensive lines will have their hands full trying to block both Clowney and Watts. It will be interesting to watch once NFL Regular Season begins.

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Johnny Football or Johnny Autograph Maybe Johnny Ineligible for Alleged Infractions

Johnny Manziel is premier College quarteback from Texas A&M, but may have to feel the wrath of the NCAA. A wrath that will stem from his alleged receiving for signing autographs. You have to wonder will be a major distraction for A&M or will the NCAA hit him with a few infractions.

NCAA hardly ever gets these type situations correct and do not expect anything different when dealing with Johnny Football. There have been few cases that remind of the autograph for pay and the first that come to mind the fiasco that went on at Ohio State University that would eventually cost Head Coach Jim Tressel his job and Terelle Pryor his college eligibility.

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