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Daily Fantasy Sports Football Lineup Help With DST in NFL Week 6

Daily Fantasy Sports Football lineup help for Defense and Special Teams in NFL Week 6. There are projected to be a few high scoring games in NFL Week 6. The task of selecting a defense will be somewhat difficult. This will be short write up.

Daily Fantasy Sports Football lineup Help Suggest: Baltimore Ravens DST

The Baltimore Ravens Defense and Special Teams face a Chicago Bears team led by the rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. The Over/Under for this game is only 39.5 points.  Chicago has struggled, The Bears wide receiving corps has no potential go to receiver and the quarterback change to the rookie Trubisky is an indicator that the Bears’ offense needs work. You should expect the Ravens’ defense to capitalize on the Bears’ poor offense and starting a rookie quarterback.

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Daily Fantasy Sports Football Lineup Help For WRs and TEs in NFL Week 6

Daily Fantasy Sports Football lineup help will consist of suggestive picks for wide receivers and tight ends for NFL week 6. Wide Receivers will provide you many choices for this week. The elite receiver, Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers is first of many wide outs to be discuss later in this write up. At tight end, the Steelers will have to deal with the Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce.

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Daily Fantasy Sports Football Advice for NFL Week 6

If you struggled to pick a quarterback not name Aaron Rodgers, you should not have such a worry in Week 6 of the NFL Regular Season. There are plenty of potential great matchups to this week, but one that will draw your attention will be the game between the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans. Deshaun Watson has great chance to excel in this game. This is just at first glance and will dig deeper into what quarterbacks belong on your Daily Fantasy Sports Football roster for NFL Week 6.

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Daily Fantasy Football Picks For NFL Week 5 and The use of Stats

Daily fantasy football picks for NFL Week 5 begins with the Thursday matchup between the Indianapolis Colts versus the Houston Texans. Both teams are struggling, but for daily fantasy players the two questions that need answers are, Will the Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck play or can Texans’ running back Arian Foster return to form in his second game back.

It is imperative to always check and re-check the injury reports for this game or any game because finding out about an injury at the last minute can hurt your daily fantasy football roster. Before I go any further, the information regarding daily fantasy football picks are just suggestions. I am providing a few picks that I think will do well in NFL Week 5 or any given Thursday or Sunday. Ultimately, you decide if the picks are worthy to follow when selecting players for your fantasy football contest.

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Why J.J Watt The Highest Paid Defensive Player Will Be Better in the 2014 Regular Season

J.J. Watt the highest paid defensive player in the league with $100 million six year contract with the Houston Texans. The $51.8 million is guaranteed. Watt has been the one of the best defensive player since being selected 11tj in the 2011 NFL Draft. His numbers definitely justifies the big contract. Thus far Watt has 36.5 sacks in his career.

How much scarier does Watt become if Jadeveon Clowney lives up to the hype coming out of South Carolina. I could actually see him surpassing 22.5 sacks most sacks in a season held by Michael Strahan. When you consider he came pretty darn close in 2012 with 20.5. I know offensive blocking schemes will always beware of both Clowney and Watt, but Clowney could make Watt job of getting to the quarterback a lot easier. Clowney is a rookie blessed with great athleticism but he will have take lumps learning how to excel in the Texans system and exploiting blocking schemes that opposing offenses will throw at him.

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Why NFL Week 15 was Great for Sports Fans

NFL Week 15 is a wrap with a Tennessee Titans’ victory over the New York Jets. With the 14-10 victory, the Titans officially put a wrap on the Jets’ NFL Playoff hopes and perhaps brought an end to Mark Sanchez’ career as a starting quarterback in New York. The week had many games that made fans happy to be at the game with their sports event tickets in hand or just watching at home. Games such as the 49ers against the Patriots or the Cowboys versus the Steelers were two of the best games played.

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Battle of the Draft Grades: Team AFC South vs Team NFC South

Team AFC South faces Team NFC South to see which conference knows how to draft for team needs. Houston Texans receives a draft grade of A because they had few needs to meet. With the draft they addressed their need of a backup runningback to Steve Slayden. The cornerback Kareem Jackson should be go fit in the defensive backfield.

Indianapolis Colts earns a draft grade of B. This team made it to the Super Bowl and fell short but this team has always shown that they know how to pick the players to fulfill the roles on their team. In the 2010 NFL draft they got the offensive line help and a DB that should pay dividends against teams like the New Orleans Saints who like to pass.

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