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Golden State Warriors 2015 NBA Champions With AI Leading the Way


Predominantly a jump-shooting team, the Golden State Warriors won their first title in 40 years with 105-97 over the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Once again, Cleveland is held off from a professional championship of any sort. Warriors proved the nay-sayers wrong by winning as a team that relied upon the three-point shot throughout the NBA season and the NBA Playoffs. When you have arguably the best shooter in NBA history in Stephan Curry, a team should have game plan that put the ball in his hands. However, the 2015 NBA Finals will be seen as a series, what players decided to step-up when their superstars were not playing well or missed games due to injuries. Warriors did well and the Cavaliers not so much.

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There Are More Teams Interested in Acquiring Kevin Love

Kevin Love is the best stretch 4 in the game right now. Many teams are trying to get Love out of Minnesota. Golden State Warriors are willing to give up one-half of the Splash Brothers, Klay Thompson. Andrew Bogut would be the Warriors’ rim-protector and Love will help Bogut on the boards. Love is not the best defensive big man, therefore, it Bogut will be great complement to hedge against Love’s lack of interior defense.

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No Love in Minnesota Could Be Great For the Chicago Bulls or Golden State Warriors

Minnesota TimberWolves Kevin Love

Why Do You Want Kevin Love on your team. He possibly the best stretch four in the game. He will score and will hit the boards. He opens up the offense for any team with a guard that can get into the lane. Love is a walking double-double. He low-post defense will not make fans standup and applaud; however, his other great attributes make up for his average interior-defense. With Love, there are teams that could find themselves in the NBA Finals or at least the team would be closer to the NBA Final with Love on their roster.

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Will the NBA Rookie of the Year Stand Up

The crop of talented first year players in the NBA is lead hands down by three players and they are Milwaukee Bucks’ Point Guard Brandon Jennings, Golden State Warriors Point Guard Stephan Curry, and the Sacramento Kings’ shooting guard Tyreke Evans. Many would like to go by the numbers and pick the Rookie of the year and if that is the criteria then Tyreke Evans would lead the pack. Overall performance along with how each member have contributed to their respective teams success is what we will take look at for each rookie.

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