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Why FSU Should Have No Worries About Repeating As National Champions

Florida State ended the SEC run on BCS titles with a win over Auburn. Hey that is old news and the BCS as we once knew it as come to an end. Therefore, let the College Football Playoffs begin. As teams now will play for four spots for the new College Football tournament that will determine a National Champion.

Florida State led by Heisman trophy winner and lover of seafood, Jameis Winston. Winston has little more experience with the offense; therefore, secondaries should be quacking in their cleats. It really puts this team way ahead of other teams regarding repeating as National Champions. A team like Alabama will always have something to say about that. Everyone knows that Nick Saban will have defense ready for likes of top-notch team like the Seminoles. This season should be good enough to grab a Playoff berth.

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Learn More About The BCS Title Game by the Numbers

The only real number that counts is the Florida State Seminoles are number 1. They snapped a string of SEC teams winning national titles. They win the last BCS Championship. Jameis Winston became first freshman Heisman Trophy winner to win a National Championship

This was good way for the BCS to end. College Football will go to a tournament format next season. The Seminoles won the game by the score of 34-31 over the Auburn Tigers. Winston finished the game with 237 yards passing and 2 touchdowns. Winston showed poise as he took Florida State down the field.

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