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Daily Fantasy Sports Football Lineup Advice For RBs in NFL Week 6

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Most Daily Fantasy Sports Football lineup advice will be dominated by almost everyone talking about a rookie presence when it comes to selecting your running backs for NFL Week 6. There are two matchups with two of the best backs in the League; you want to take advantage of the two rookies having stellar first seasons. The rookies will dominate, but there is more flavor for anyone who trying not to be too chalky.

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Games to Watch in Week 3 of the NFL Regular Season

Week 3 of NFL Regular Season

Week 3 of NFL Regular Season begins tonight with Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus Atlanta Falcons. The Bucs will be looking for their first victory of the NFL season. Everyone eyes will be on the Sunday’s clash between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. Peyton and the Broncos should be looking for some big payback for the blowout Super Bowl victory by Seattle. Seahawks will be looking to bounce back from being defeated by the San Diego Chargers in Week 2 of the NFL Regular Season.

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Seattle's Defense Dominates Denver To Win Super Bowl XLVIII

Always expect the unexpected best describes Super Bowl XLVIII. If anyone told me that the Seahawks would shutdown the high-powered offense of the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl, I would say please give two of whatever they were drinking. However, the Broncos imploded. Seattle’s secondary looked so in control. Peyton was not hurried much of the game, but he could not find too many open receivers. The Seattle secondary definitely earned all accolades of being the best secondary in the NFL. It would be Linebacker Malcolm Smith who was all over the field, and his pick 6 was hallmark of just how well the defense dismantled any hopes of the Broncos leaving Metlife Stadium with a Super Bowl win.

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RGIII Outstanding, Peyton is Back, Luck Not So Much

Robert Griffin III looked like he has been there for years. Andrew Luck played like a rookie, Peyton Manning showed Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL is he is back. Three quarterbacks made some noise and the fans should expect that pattern to continue as the season goes.

NFC East may just have a problem on their hands trying to defend RGIII and the Redskins passing game. He made the organization look like geniuses as he had better first NFL game than Luck. Yes it is only game one but what a game one for the rookie. Griffin helped Washington to 40 points and first victory of the season over a New Orleans Saints team that was supposed to give them no chance. Griffin III passed for 320 yards and two touchdowns and had no interceptions. You could not ask for better performance considering what other rookies did around the league. RGIII will forever be compared to Luck but their first day on the job was really no comparison.

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Tebow’s Loss or Packers’ Defeat What Are Sports Fans Talking About The Most

Green Bay Packers falls to the Kansas City Chiefs 19-14 and ends the Packers shot at a Perfect season. There was not any late game heroics for Tim Tebow as the Denver Broncos loss to the New England Patriots 41-23. Both games had fans talking because Tebow seems to be media magnet and the Packers have been nearly impossible to stop in the NFL Regular Season.

Broncos usually had slow starts and come storming back to have Tebow to pull the game out in the fourth quarter. However, Denver blazed out of the gate against the Patriots with a 13-7 first quarter score. It looked optimistic for Denver. New England finally got it together. Tom Brady finished the game with 320 yards and 2 touchdown passes. Tebow only managed 194 yards passing without a touchdown pass. However, Tebow ran for 94 yards and 2 rushing touchdowns. The Patriots’ defense manage to sack Tebow four times and did not let him threaten the outcome of the game with his dual-threat ability.

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The NFL stands for No F***ing Loyalty Just Ask Tim Tebow

Many fans yell loyalty in professional sports, but it is a big business. When players cannot play anymore or put the stats up, they are traded or released. One moment, the organization is behind you and the next moment, they are backpedaling like quarterback trying to avoid the blitz when trying to take back any promises made about players in the future.

Denver Broncos has nice little two-step going on with their quarterback situation. First, the Broncos do not love Kyle Orton; therefore, they attempt move him. It looks as if Tim Tebow will finally get his chance to prove he can be a quarterback in the NFL, but hold up, Orton is not much of a commodity on the open market as expected; therefore, Denver wants him back into the fold. Tim Tebow should be irate, but he must be professional and be the team player. In private, he might be cursing and more stuff, by the Broncos’ lack of support.

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AFC West: San Diego Chargers Stand Alone at the Top

AFC West is lock for the San Diego Chargers, but it is not the regular season that troubles the Chargers it is the post season. This may be the weakest division in football. Denver Broncos should easily be the second place team barring a collapse like last season. Kansas City Chiefs have new offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. Matt Cassel is former New England Patriot the team that Weis won three Super Bowl Rings as the offensive coordinator. Thomas Jones should beef up the running game for the Chiefs. Oakland Raiders have new quarterback in Jason Campbell. Campbell is a great improvement over JaMarcus Russell. I expect 2 more wins out of the Raiders than last year, but they are still a work in progress.

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Tebow Touchdowns in Denver

Possibly the best college football player, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow has a home. It is in the Mile-High city of Denver. The Broncos selected Tebow with the 25th pick. This probably took everyone by surprise considering many experts believe that Tebow was not a first-round prospect. Tebow touchdowns in Denver and fans may not be too happy, but you have to wait and see.

Tebow by all means, will be considered a project and Josh McDaniels will have to bring him along slowly. Tebow may make it in this league as quartback if he greatly change his passing mechanics. He must work at making the correct reads.

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Battle of the Draft Grades: Team AFC West vs Team NFC West

Today we have the Team AFC West versus Team NFC West to see which conference had the better draft based only what team needed. The grades are not based on the overall talent that was draft but if the team used the draft to meet team needs. I thought it would be an amusing way to take look at how teams did with their picks in the draft.

Team AFC West has the Denver Broncos who shocked world with their draft selections. Although, they were probably more talented QBs out there they did get their QB in Tim Tebow. Overall, they earned a grade C+ because for the most part players they selected could possibly meet their team needs.

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