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Daily Fantasy Sports Football Lineup Help for RBs, TEs,and DST in NFL Week 7

Daily Fantasy Sports Football Lineup Help for to select running backs, tight ends, and defense/special teams in NFL Week 7. Who are finding their way into your lineup this week who has the best opportunities to perform well this week? There are few answers this week and most will involve certain rookies who have taken the NFL by storm.

When looking for running backs, you should always look for games with tight point spreads. A game projected to be close means the game script allows a balance of running and passing. For example, a game may be projected to be a blowout; therefore, it means two things, most running backs will not be carrying the ball later in game because the underdog team will be passing the football to get back into the game. The favored team will run more to protect their lead. You should be aware normal game plan for most teams will consists a majority of pass plays than run.

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Daily Fantasy Sports Football Lineup Picks For QBs and Wrs in NFL Week 7

Daily Fantasy Sports Football Lineup Picks for NFL Week 7 begins with quarterbacks and receivers. The best overall matchup for any quarterback would be the Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott going against the San Francisco 49ers. Prescott is not the only quarterback with a great match. You will learn later what other quarterbacks should be on your Daily Fantasy Sports Football radar. Wide receivers search is not as clear when you consider the best matchup for receivers maybe the Green Bay Packers versus the New Orleans Saints, but Aaron Rodgers’ is out and the backup quarterback Hundley is a question mark that will greatly affect Jordy Nelson and Devante Adams’ performances in NFL Week 7.  This picks can definitely help your Daily Fantasy Sports Football roster.

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Cowboys Win First Game in NFL Week 2 with a Good Running Attack

In NFL Week 2, the Dallas Cowboys went back to the old school ways of winning football games to get their first win of the NFL Regular Season. Cowboys ran the ball and thanks to DeMarco Murray’s 167 yards rushing along with 1 touchdown. The running game is secondary to the lethal passing games in the NFL, but if you take look the Cowboys have flourished when they had a balanced attack. Think back to when Troy Aikman handed the ball off to Emmitt Smith or go further back when Tony Dorsett was the star tailback. The Cowboys are better when they are running the ball well.

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Learn More about Upsets, RGIII is he the Franchise QB, and Detroit Playing With Discipline

Week 2 of the NFL Regular Season, you know I have my eye on the Dallas Cowboys versus the Houston Texans. Cowboys should be able to get their first win if they can limit their turnovers. Dez Bryant needs to have a big game and Demarco Murray minus any fumbles needs to have another solid performance to secure the Cowboys’ first win.

Now I must say I found this video below quite interesting because of few statements that were made. It is not really about the upsets that the experts picked but the statement regarding RGIII and the Detroit Lions. Washington Redskins like Dallas are also looking for their first win of the NFL Regular season. A few people in the video are wondering if RGIII is the right fit for the Redskins.

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Cowboys Lose Season-Opener Makes Dallas Head Coaching Job little less Secure

With the 49ers defeating the Dallas Cowboys 28-17, you already hear the countdown for a new head coach. I will never say Garrett is the problem or the only problem that Dallas has because everyone knows it is not. A loss in the first game does not help job-security. I am the first to say a loss is a loss and there is no sugar-coating the fact. Around the Net, I hear Tony Romo was rusty. He did show signs of a long layoff. Let me just say, check the offensive line of the Dallas Cowboys, they allowed Romo to get sacked 3 times. The Cowboys’ line has been problematic for years now and what Jerry Jones have tried when attempting to fix it has not worked. As the season goes forward, you should expect more defenses putting Romo on his back.

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How the Dallas Cowboys Can Defeat the San Francisco 49ers

Dallas Cowboys open up the 2014 NFL Regular Season against the San Francisco 49ers. A great test for the Cowboys right out of the gate. Things the Cowboys’ fans want to see are how well have Dallas D improved. It has to make giant leaps forward to stop the 49ers and improve on a 8-8 record from last season. It dd niot matter what opposing offenses tried againd the defense it seemed to work. Last season near the bottom of league against the run and pass, it is last year and the pitful performance should not be repeated.

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Dallas Cowboys and the 2013 NFL Draft: Why They Need to Get It Right

Dallas Cowboys will have to make it deep into the NFL Post-season to ensure Jason Garrett keeps his job. The roster is too talented on the offensive side of the ball not to shake up the NFC East. However, I have not met quarterback yet, who can complete a pass on his back. Tony Romo must have far better protection than he had under the makeshift line the Cowboys had last season. Offensive line help is the calling card for this NFL Draft on Thursday.

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Dallas Cowboys Sit Idle in NFL Free Agency is not Good

Dallas Cowboys must be satisfied with their roster, because it has not made any significant moves in this year’s free agency. They cleared cap space to make moves, and the only real attempt Dallas has made was to go after Asomugha. It failed, and now, the Cowboys have not tried to get their feet wet so forget about making a big splash in the NFL’s Free Agency.

There needs lies in the secondary and with the release of Roy Williams, the Cowboys need a third wide receiver. Dez Bryant and Miles Austin are good wide receiver; however, they still need help. It would be great if Jerry Jones can coax Randy Moss out of retirement. Moss would be a great addition to Dallas. Secondary help begins by getting younger at the cornerback position or at least get someone who going to do better job than Terrence Newman and company did last season.

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Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha is the Best Player in NFL Free Agency

Lockout is over let the NFL Free Agency talk begin. One name in particular will be talked about because he is clearly the best player looking for a new home. The player is cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha and for any struggling secondary who can afford him, he is definitely the answer. A team like the Dallas Cowboys would need his help but it is not likely he will end up on America’s team.

Why is Asomugha so special? Asomugha is the best cover corner in football. He is a shutdown corner that strikes fear into some of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He has the speed, size, and instincts. He does not get big number of interceptions because teams are smart enough not to throw in his direction. With him locking down his side of the field, it means teams can blitz more without fear of being beat deep on his side of the field. A great pass rushing team will make him an asset. Asomugha is great in man-to-man coverage and there will be a question mark if he has to play zone.

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Who will fill the Dallas Cowboys Picks?

Who will fill the Dallas Cowboys picks can bring many answers since they are few needs that the organization should address. The protection of QB Tony Romo will be tested since the release of veteran Left Tackle Flozell Adams. Safety Ken Hamlin struggled in coverage last year. He was shown the door as a result. If the team thinks Roy Williams will turn things around, then none of the Cowboys picks should be wasted on a wide receiver. For argument sakes, I will say their needs are offensive line, safety, and wide receiver. Dallas will have 27th, 59th, 90th 125th 196th, and 234th draft spots to use to meet the needs stated earlier.

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