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Daily Fantasy Sports Football Lineup Advice For RBs in NFL Week 6

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Most Daily Fantasy Sports Football lineup advice will be dominated by almost everyone talking about a rookie presence when it comes to selecting your running backs for NFL Week 6. There are two matchups with two of the best backs in the League; you want to take advantage of the two rookies having stellar first seasons. The rookies will dominate, but there is more flavor for anyone who trying not to be too chalky.

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DraftKings’ Advice For Wide Receivers NFL Week 5

I hope this DraftKings’ advice helps yous for NFL Week 5. NFL Week 5 will have you looking for the perfect receivers to get ahead of the competition. In a previous post, I recommended Aaron Rogers as a top pick at quarterback and later, you will read how one of the Packers’ receiver should be on your Daily Fantasy Sports roster. It is only one of few wide receivers may be what you need to win a $1,000,000 on Draftkings.com

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How to use Excel Formulas in a Predictive Model for Daily Fantasy Sports

Learn how to use Excel formulas to improve how you conduct research for your Daily Fantasy sports lineups. The not so exciting aspect of Daily Fantasy Sports, you will not hear too many people ranting and raving about the toil of digging through the numbers and making them make sense. The predictive model can be easily created in Excel. It doe not have to be too complex, but you do run the risk of having a similar model as your competition.

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11 Benefits to Using an Optimizer for your Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup

There are numerous benefits of using an optimizer for Daily Fantasy Sport. The list below is small, but you get the picture. An optimizer can be quite helpful to anyone interested in Daily Fantasy Sports. At the end, you will see a video regarding use of an Optimizer. Listen to the video as provide shout out to one of the readers of my book and his help with the modification of the code to build a optimizer for a different Daily Fantasy Sport, such as hockey

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New Book To Help you Create A Daily Fantasy Sports Football Optimizer

Many people will ask why do people use Excel spreadsheets to create Daily Fantasy Sports lineups. I like using spreadsheets because it allows me to customize my data that will hopefully get the best players into a draft pool. Many of you probably have looked at the various YouTube videos to help build a basic Daily Fantasy Sports football optimizer. Whatever helps, you get the basics, but you really start unleashing the power of Excel in fantasy sports when you start to ask the correct questions.

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Daily Fantasy Football Advice for NFL Week 10

The video below provides advice regarding drafting your daily fantasy football roster for NFL Week 10.

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Watch “How To Pick Fantasy Football Roster for NFL Week 9” on YouTube

Below is a video for Daily fantasy football picks for NFL Week 9. 

You should make sure to check your injury report to ensure all players are available.

I hope everyone is winning their daily fantasy sports contest or leagues.

Daily Fantasy Football Picks For NFL Week 5 and The use of Stats

Daily fantasy football picks for NFL Week 5 begins with the Thursday matchup between the Indianapolis Colts versus the Houston Texans. Both teams are struggling, but for daily fantasy players the two questions that need answers are, Will the Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck play or can Texans’ running back Arian Foster return to form in his second game back.

It is imperative to always check and re-check the injury reports for this game or any game because finding out about an injury at the last minute can hurt your daily fantasy football roster. Before I go any further, the information regarding daily fantasy football picks are just suggestions. I am providing a few picks that I think will do well in NFL Week 5 or any given Thursday or Sunday. Ultimately, you decide if the picks are worthy to follow when selecting players for your fantasy football contest.

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My Early Daily Fantasy Football Picks for NFL Week 4

Below you will find video for daily fantasy football picks for NFL Week 4. It is very early thoughts regarding the the NFL Game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. Please ensure you check the injury reports since this video is done so far in advance.

Daily Fantasy sports can be quite exciting. There are many people finding there way to a growing daily fantasy sports industry. I hope everyone is doing well in their fantasy leagues or daily fantasy sports. For the beginners, I cannot stress it enough, you always want to be objective when picking your best daily fantasy football roster and not pick most players from your favorite team. You may steer clear of your rival team but it is not about final outcome of any of the games. I always want the Dallas Cowboys to win; however, playing fantasy football, I would draft a Washington Redskin if my analysis of statistics dictate I should.

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Watch My YouTube Video Regarding Daily Fantasy Picks NFL Week 3

This is brief YouTube video of my daily fantasy football picks for Thursday game between the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants. If you like my video please do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, The Sporty Mouth. By clicking on the Subscribe button in the video you will be able to subscribe.