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What is Going On in the Sports World

There is so much going on in sports in the last few weeks.  I will play catch up and provide my two cents of few of the highlights in sports.  Let us begin with the Jameis Winston declaring for the 2015 NFL Draft.  This was not mind-blowing announcement to the public.  The only real question will NFL teams look pass Winston’s off-the-field issues and allow him to be first quarterback selected in the NFL Draft.  He is pro-ready right now because of the pro-style offense he played in at Florida State University.  It should be interesting as the NFL Draft draws closer.

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Why Do You like College Football

During this time of year you get little bit of this or little bit of that, but you guaranteed to get your fill of College and pro football. Baseball has a few more months to go, but the NFL will will be in full swing in a matter of days. Your favorite College Football
team may have turned you into a couch potato for few hours already.

I like College Football for the action and how much one game win or lose could greatly effect a team’s season. You cannot have the soft schedule or all those wins are blow-out games. It doesn’t mean much. Oregon Ducks come to mind when I think of a high-scoring team; however, the high-octane offense seems to never find itself playing for a National Championship. College Football Playoff should definitely help this team.

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