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Golden State Warriors 2015 NBA Champions With AI Leading the Way

Predominantly a jump-shooting team, the Golden State Warriors won their first title in 40 years with 105-97 over the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Once again, Cleveland is held off from a professional championship of any sort. Warriors proved the nay-sayers wrong by winning as a team that relied upon the three-point shot throughout the NBA season and the NBA Playoffs. When you have arguably the best shooter in NBA history in Stephan Curry, a team should have game plan that put the ball in his hands. However, the 2015 NBA Finals will be seen as a series, what players decided to step-up when their superstars were not playing well or missed games due to injuries. Warriors did well and the Cavaliers not so much.

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Check Out this VIDEO: Are the Cavaliers Reaching Too Much With Right Now

I have to wonder the same thing has the Cavaliers went into panic mode with what they are giving up to win right now. As I discussed yesterday, the 3-team trade was okay but the move to get Timofey Mozgov for first round picks was not one of their better moves. Mozegov is not world-stopper regarding defense and at best, he is probably good backup who happened to be starting in the NBA when he played with Denver.

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Can the Cleveland Cavaliers win it all in LeBron’s First Year Back

How long will it be for King James bring the Cleveland Cavaliers their first title. I am not going to say he will get done in his first year. The lineup is there and I do not forsee anyone except maybe the Chicago Bulls standing in the way of Cleveland representing the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals.

Now them winning the title, I am not sure if they can get it done. San Antonio Spurs are capable of a repeat. The talent level is there for Cleveland but they will have to really improve their defense. Scoring will never be a problem when you consider Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and Dion Waiters can all score. Well, James it is given he is going to get his points and will be their defensive stopper when needed.

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Cleveland Cavaliers Keep Getting Better With the Signing of Shawn Marion

Cleveland Cavaliers are serious about bringing a first championship to their city. They have signed Shawn Marion to a 1 year deal. They are much older team than last year, but their talent-level is off-the-charts. Cleveland wants to win right now and the Cavaliers could make it happen. Marion may not be the defensive star he once was when he entered the league 15 years; however, he can still give Cleveland some valuable minutes. Marion going to rebound and play defense.

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NBA Draft Lottery Should Be Changed to Cleveland Cavalier’s Draft Lottery

NBA Draft Lottery Winner Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers hits the NBA Draft Lottery once again. Cavaliers have won the NBA Draft Lottery three times since the departure of LeBron James. Okay not to rain on their parade, the Cavaliers have not improved even with their luck at winning the NBA Draft Lotteries. However, they have yet another chance to add a player that will help them forget the playing days of LeBron James. The Cavaliers cannot blow this pick as they did with Anthony Bennett. Bennett had a forgettable rookie season and hopefully he will improve to help Cleveland. Andrew Wiggins is considered the best college prospect to come along in last 10 years. Therefore, the Cavaliers will get a quality player.

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King James Makes a Successful Return

The Return was the game that everyone anticipated since LeBron James joined the Miami Heat. It was a success for King James. He made a statement by scoring 38 points jabbering with the Cleveland Cavalier’s bench and ultimately winning the game.

James went off in the third quarter with a 24 point outburst. It was clear that the Cavaliers’ was not inspired enough to make this a game. James was not deterred by boos and the overall hostility of the crowd in the least bit. It would have been great for the fans, if the team was able to mount a fight, but the Cavaliers were clearly outmatched. The 118-90 score will be the lasting impression for fans that wanted some type of retribution for James leaving and publicly ripping their hearts out with “The Decision.”

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Clash of the Exciting, Lakers Vs Cavaliers

This would be great matchup to see LeBron James face Kobe Bryant for a NBA Championship. Both have tough roads to actually see it happen. Lakers first playoff opponent is the OKC Thunder. Kevin Durant can score but with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol leading the way for the Lakers, you expect Los Angeles to prevail.

LeBron James is in search for his first title. However teams like the Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic will stand in his way. James helped Cleveland win 61 wins during the NBA Regular Season. As everyone know, NBA standing goes out of the window when entering in the NBA Playoffs. LeBron and company will face the Chicago Bulls led by the ultra quick point guard Derrick Rose in the First Round.

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Eastern Conference NBA Playoffs, Let the Fireworks Begin

Cleveland Cavaliers will face the Chicago Bulls. You know Derrick Rose must have a big game for the Bulls to have a realistic chance of winning. Rose cannot do it alone therefore, someone must step up. Bulls are great defensive team, but when you playing team led by LeBron James, you will need more than one scorer on your roster.
James and the Cavaliers must not play down to their competition and be aggressive. They should not have problem advancing to the next round.

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