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What Will Make The Washington Wizards Better For Next Season

Washington Wizards actually won a game and thanks to John Wall actually showing up and playing ball like he has been capable of doing. It was good win for the Wizards they keep their NBA Playoff hopes alive, but I think I have to ask a question, what should the Wizards expectations be for next season. Okay, the NBA Playoffs are not over but no matter how it finishes, it has to be considered a success for the Wizards. Washington won a NBA Playoff series and is playing for a spot in the Eastern Conference Championship.

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Pacers or Hawks: What is the Best Matchup for the Washington Wizards

Indiana Pacers or Atlanta Hawks, what team would the Washington Wizards prefer to play if they could choose. Now if I was the Wizards, I would actually want to play the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers are almost guaranteed to have lapses on offense. It is apparent in the series against the Atlanta Hawks, the Pacers’ offense will struggle to score. The Pacers are on the brink of elimination because of their offensive struggles.

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