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Why the Seattle Seahawks Look Good to Repeat As Super Bowl Champs

Seattle Seahawks won their first Super Bowl in 2013, but no one cares about last season’s accomplishments. The other 31 NFL Teams will look to make sure there will not be a repeat performance for the 2014 NFL Football season. However, Seahawks look ready for anyone standing in their way at another run at the Super Bowl. NFL threw one of the tougher schedules at reigning Super Bowl Champs, but no tears from anyone or team. Seahawks can handle it.

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NFC Championship 2011 Prediction

NFC Championship 2011 will have the Chicago Bears facing the Green Bay Packers. Bears’ Jay Cutler has the chance to lead his team to the Super Bowl in his first playoff appearance. He must not get too cocky and attempt to totally rely on his Rocket Arm and make bad throws into coverage as he did in the Regular Season. Cutler must continue his fine play, but it should be noted his wide receivers must hang on to the ball. Matt Forte may surprise defense with few catches out of the backfield.

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