Roy Hibbert Bounces Back and Pacers Tie the Series 1-1

Roy Hibbert Bounces Back and Pacers Tie the Series 1-1

Whatever got into Roy Hibbert, it needs to stay there for the Indiana Pacers to get the much needed production out of their center. Hibbert 28 points, 9 rebounds and 2 block shots is a stat line that all Indiana fans can live with. Hibbert up until last night’s breakout game, had not did anything to help his team. He played motivated and he helped his team tie the series with a 86-82 victory over the Washington Wizards. Series is tied at 1-1 and only question can Hibbert continue to help his team with good production the fans saw in Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs.

Hibbert must continue to play well. He is not a scorer so anytime he scores over 20 points, it is an added bonus. He helps his team by rebounding the ball and protecting the rim. Indiana won with their signature defense. They did not allow John Wall to beat them. Low-scoring games will favor Indiana because the Wizards like to run and put points on the board. You should not expect the Wizards to win games when their scoring below 100 points.

It is a series as the Pacers ties it up. Indiana still struggles to score; however, playing good defense, it negates their struggle to score. Indiana perimeter-defense practically took away the three-point shooting. Shooting nearly 24 percent behind the arc will never win you any games. Wizards cannot have repeat performance or they will be out of the NBA Playoffs. Paul George only scored 11 points. He needs be over 20 points each game. You should not expect Hibbert to score 28 points each night.

Hibbert should ride his confidence into the next game. He play with purpose and block shots, the Pacers will be fine. However, they still have to fix the problem of not scoring at times during the game. Wizards need to get better performances out of John Wall and Trevor Ariza must be consistent. Wall’s 2 for 13 shooting is dismal and he really must step it up. The Wizards cannot make it to 7-game series win over the Pacers without Wall playing his best. He must find a way as Hibbert found his way back to the Pacers’ fans’ good graces.