Resources to Build A Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Optimizer

To create a Daily Fantasy Sports lineup optimizer, you will find the use of Excel Solver quite popular. A Daily Fantasy Sports lineup optimizer created with the use of OpenSolver, VBA and Excel will help you overcome some of the limitations of Excel solver. You may find two books as a good source for instructions to build a DFS lineup optimizer, and the titles are Blueprint for a Winning Daily Fantasy Sports Football Optimizer and Blueprint for a Winning Daily Fantasy Sports Basketball Optimizer. The book regarding building Daily Fantasy Sports lineup optimizer for football is the first book in the series. It provides the basics concepts of building a Daily Fantasy Sports lineup optimizer.

Purpose of Writing A Series of Books for Creating A Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Optimizer

Blueprint for a Winning Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) Basketball Optimizer is the second book in a series. Its purpose is to extend the use of an optimizer build with instructions, concepts and code syntax in the first book in the series titled Blueprint for a Winning Daily Fantasy Sports Football Optimizer. Applying new code and concepts, it translates to new features for your optimizer. The new features allow more control on what players makes it into your DFS draft pool. The sports may have change, but introduction to new VBA code and Excel formulas can be applied to almost any Daily Fantasy Sport. The use of add-in OpenSolver along with the code syntax in VBA and Excel formulas remains the important components to make the optimizer a useful tool in any DFS drafting process.

What You Will Find in the books regarding DFS Lineup Optimizer

You not only will be able improve your Daily Fantasy Sports lineup optimizer; you will create a tool used to compare player’s projections with opposing player’s projections. By building the tool, it becomes helpful in making the decision to what players you want on your DFS roster. The book continues to stress the importance of knowing the rules and scoring system of the DFS website of your choice. With any form of entertainment involving the possibility of losing money, the book provides guide to set limits on the amount you use to play DFS basketball. It will show you allocation of funds based on the type of DFS contest you play.

Benefits of Building Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Optimizer

The benefits for reading this book, it helps you build a tool capable of building multiple lineups in the least time. By relying on OpenSolver to process data to select the optimal team, you take some of the human element out of the drafting process. There are times when impartiality can limit your ability to select players with the best matchups and best chance to win. The book also helps you become more proficient in the use of Excel and VBA to some degree. DFS basketball can be difficult to win, and it necessary for your DFS strategy to be a little contrarian. The book provides code to rank the player’s percentage of ownership, you can use the ranking and have OpenSolver select players with the lowest percentage of ownership and highest fantasy points projections. The code is an attempt to provide a contrarian strategy for selecting your DFS roster.

Using Excel spreadsheets along with Excel Solver is quite popular for creating a Daily Fantasy Sports lineup optimizer; however, the use of the add-in, OpenSolver is not as prevalent as creating lineups with Excel Solver. With the second book, you will see more of the VBA code used to write instructions for the OpenSolver to generate DFS lineups. You will create several new constraints for new positions, to ensure your roster meet position requirements.

New Feature for the Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Optimizer

The book also shows you how to add constraints to allow each player’s ranking of projected ownership for the slate of games to be calculated with other players selected for a Daily Fantasy Sports basketball roster. Throughout each book of the series, you learn Excel Solver is not the only game in town. There is various software used for optimization. OpenSolver is free open source add-in, and the VBA code to write instructions for OpenSolver was not difficult to learn.

Data in the Daily Fantasy Lineup Optimizer is Paramount

Daily Fantasy Sports lineup optimizer is the tool, and it will pick players with the highest projections. Your optimizer is only as good as the data it uses; therefore, you retrieve data that is most meaningful for your DFS strategy. Your use of Excel formula will create filters to control the data being utilize by the OpenSolver. The reality is some players you will not give a second thought to be a part of the selection process; therefore, filters will be quite important to your Daily Fantasy Sports lineup optimizer.

DFS strategy translate to Excel Formulas and VBA

To translate your DFS strategy into working Excel formulas, you could provide you enough of an edge to win many of the DFS basketball contest you enter. Data in your Daily Fantasy Sports lineup optimizer can answer many questions and the books throughout the series show you how to ask the questions. For example, you only want to see players who in last five games with averages of least two assists per game on the road. Your sources of data must be available to your model. For example, if you wanted to write a formula to only show a player who averages at least two assists, you would need a source of data that contains assist averages for the last five games.

VBA Code and Excel formulas to Save You Time

You should be aware of data and stats are available to you before writing any Excel formula to reflect the data or players who meet your formula’s criteria. If you have read the first book in the series, you know there is VBA code to make gathering data from the Internet easier. You only limited by the data in your DFS lineup optimizer and proficiency in using Excel and VBA. With the ability to translate your DFS strategy to code to manipulate the data in manner to create an advantage, you on a path to winning DFS contest consistently.

Know The Importance of Using Your Own DFS Strategy

Since no one mind follows one strategy, you will begin to separate yourself from the consensus. As mentioned earlier, Daily Fantasy Sports is won by being different or using a contrarian strategy. You can buy DFS basketball lineups, but I think it is more important to improve your DFS strategy for selecting your DFS basketball lineups. My books are intended to provide you tools to facilitate the use of your own strategy, save you time, and the ability to create multiple lineups. The DFS basketball optimizer is built with instructions from my books, but the data you use will be your decision to make. Buying DFS basketball lineups there is not anything wrong with the method, but you putting your hard-earned dollar in the faith of another person’s research. There are 1000s of people doing the same; therefore, you are gaining little advantage of having similar lineups as other DFS players.


Daily Fantasy Sports continue to grow and learning how to win consistently is important if you plan to play often. The books mentioned can help you create a DFS lineup optimizer to reduce time to create 10 lineups. In some cases, it will reduce time you spend gathering data for your basketball model. It does not make the promise of making you rich; however, it will allow you customize and focus your efforts to providing you the best chance of success when playing Daily Fantasy Sports.