Pats Vs 49ers Make Sports Event Tickets Hot Items

Pats Vs 49ers Make Sports Event Tickets Hot Items


Looking over the upcoming schedule, sports event tickets

there will be a few hot items or tickets to watch the game between the San Francisco 49ers versus the New England Patriots. It looks like a possible Super Bowl preview. Okay, it may sound as if I am jumping the gun, but both teams are playing well. You can ask any Houston Texan’s fan how well the Patriots are playing. The 49ers are in the argument for the best team in the NFC. NFLTickets
are must have to see this game.

These teams last met in 2008 and the Patriots were victorious. 49ers will have to contend with the Patriots new found running game. A good running game makes Tom Brady more dangerous than ever before. However, the Patriots have proven that they can stop some of the best offenses from finding pay dirt. It was the case when the Texans were held under their scoring average of nearly 29 points a game.

The 49ers’ defense has proven to be stingy as well. Opposing offenses usually find the end zone twice a game. With Colin Kaepernick under center, he provides a dual threat that will make defense think twice about constantly running man coverage. Kaepernick’s running ability may be an x-factor that will lead to the one big play needed to win the game. He has rushed for over 325 yards this season. The improvised runs by Kaepernick may be just what a good game winning strategy needs when you consider how well the Patriots play against the run. The big defensive line of the Patriots will make it tough for Frank Gore to find yards on the ground.

Patriots have been vulnerable against the pass and TE Vernon Davis is nightmare matchup because of his size and speed. However, the passing game of the Patriots will be most feared attack to take the field. It starts with Tom Brady. Wes Welker is quietly having a typical year. Welker is closing in on another 100 reception season. All receivers are potential weapon as Brady likes to spread the wealth with his passes.

The best way to defeat the Patriots is how the 49ers play. They like to control the clock and make you pay on play-action passes. Therefore, San Francisco should run the ball and keep Brady off the field. It is easy to say but more difficult to execute. Henceforth, if you are buying sports event tickets you should see the Patriots dominance in consecutive weeks.