How the NFL Undefeated and the Winless will do in Week 4 of NFL Regular Season

How the NFL Undefeated and the Winless will do in Week 4 of NFL Regular Season

Going into Week 4 of the NFL Regular Season, the Arizona Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals, and the 256px-Nick_Foles_calling_play_in_2012Philadelphia Eagles are the only teams still undefeated. Eagles received a slight scare from the Kirk Cousins’ led Washington Redskins, but Philadelphia held on to win by the score of 37-34. The Eagles will have to face a struggling San Francisco 49ers team in Week 4. The same 49ers’ team was defeated by Arizona by the score of 23-14. Both the Bengals and Cardinals Arizona can rest easy for moment as Week 4 will be a Bye Week for both teams.

On the other side of the coin, there is the dreaded 0-3 start category. There are only three teams that find themselves without their first win of the NFL Regular Season, and they are the Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Colts really kicked the Jaguars with 44-17 victory. Oakland actually looked competitive against the New England Patriots, but Brady and company was touchdown better than the Raiders with 16-9 victory. The Bucs had their butts handed to them in the Thursday Night NFL Football game by the Atlanta Falcons with a 56-14.

In Week 4, the Jaguars will have to face the San Diego Chargers. Oakland will try to get their first victory when they play the Miami Dolphins. It does not get easier for Tampa Bay as they face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 4 of the NFL Regular Season. For both the Jaguars and the Bucs, they will have to play one of their best games, because both the Chargers and Steelers are on a roll. It is small roll, but it is a roll regardless. For the Raiders, I do like their chances of picking up their first victory against the Dolphins. Miami has not looked too impressive and the Dolphins’ starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill is averaging 190 yards passing which ranks 29th in league. If a team is not able to move the ball through the air then you will see struggles like the Dolphins are having. Therefore, Raiders will want feast on the Miami and put a win in the win-column.

The Eagles will have to face a San Francisco team that seem to be finding their way. The tools are there for the 49ers to win and dominate, but their record is not showing it. Philadelphia will have to face one of the best defensive teams in the NFL. By far, it will be the best defense that the Eagles have faced in this early in NFL season. The Eagles can pass the ball and if the game becomes a shootout, this style of game will favor the Eagles. However, I do not expect a shootout-style of game. The 49ers’ defense is little too stout for a shootout. An early prediction, Philadelphia will lose their first game of the season in Week 4.

49ers have two losses but they can turn things around against the Eagles. 49ers are in the middle of pack regarding their passing and running game which ranks them 17th in the NFL for both passing and rushing yards. Therefore, the 49ers keep offensive attack balanced. The 49ers will try to control the clock to keep the Eagles’ explosive offense off the field. Eagles are second in the NFL in passing. Therefore a great passing game for Nic Foles may just translate to being undefeated going into Week 5 of NFL Regular Season.

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