NFL Lineup Optimizer

NFL Lineup Optimizer

The NFL lineup optimizer is the tool to help you take your research and produce 20 or more teams in less time you would do it manually. By using an optimizer, it does not mean you do not do your weekly NFL research. Your research is what makes the optimizer a great complementary tool to your Daily Fantasy Sports Football strategy. Your NFL Data drives what NFL lineup your optimizer will produce. Many will be skeptical of its’ use, but it really doing no more than what you would do when you create lineup one at a time. The optimizer helps you automate some of the things you normally would do during the research phase.

In the book, you will find how to use IF statements to help you mirror the things you use in your strategy. It will take some creativity to capture to certain DFS strategy, but you will be pleased to find out, there several possibilities with Excel and VBA. If you on this page, you are intrigued to know how does using an optimizer benefit me when playing on sites like DraftKings or FanDuel?

Below are some of the benefits, you should expect with the Optimizer. It will not guarantee you will be the next $1,000,000 winner, but it will help improve your chances by adding more team in the mix of the big tournaments called GPPs.

Benefits of Using a NFL Lineup Optimizer

  1. It saves you time when you consider, you can create 25 or more lineups at a click of button.
  2. Creates different lineups based on Total Projected points.
  3. The book contains Excel and VBA formulas help you automate certain task such as downloading stats and projections required to assess the players on that particular slate.
  4. It allows you to use Excel code to customize what type of draft pool you have before the optimizer executes; therefore, you maintain control of what players will be drafted and it can be determine with the use of your DFS draft strategy.
  5. You can use the optimizer to attempt to be different from the competition. Being contrarian is an absolute must if you want to be sole winner of most big tournaments.

NFL Lineup Optimizer can create you several teams. Each team can be different. By having the different teams in one GPP, you have done what is called hedging. Hedging is a way to reduce the risk of not getting outcome expected from one lineup. Simply, it is your plan B in the case plan A does not work. For example, you have decided the NFL quarterback to have on your DFS lineup is Tom Brady despite Brady having a difficult matchup; therefore, you build a second team with a quarterback who has better matchup just in case Brady does not do well.

Get the book reaps the benefits now because your competition is not waiting until tomorrow to improve their chances to win on DraftKings or any DFS website. You want the best chance to win a lot of money being offered on DraftKings and FanDuel. For more advanced features such as drafting a team based on popularity or ownership checkout my books to build both the NBA Optimizer and MLB optimizer baseball. The code from any of the books can be modified to help you draft NFL lineups or any fantasy sport you choose. On the purchase of any of my books, you can follow me on twitter @dsportymouth and you can direct message me with any questions regarding the optimizer and Daily Fantasy Optimizer.