New Book To Help you Create A Daily Fantasy Sports Football Optimizer

New Book To Help you Create A Daily Fantasy Sports Football Optimizer

Many people will ask why do people use Excel spreadsheets to create Daily Fantasy Sports lineups. I like using spreadsheets because it allows me to customize my data that will hopefully get the best players into a draft pool. Many of you probably have looked at the various YouTube videos to help build a basic Daily Fantasy Sports football optimizer. Whatever helps, you get the basics, but you really start unleashing the power of Excel in fantasy sports when you start to ask the correct questions.

By asking the correct questions, you shape your draft pool. For example, you may want to only have wide receivers in your draft pool who has at least 3 catches in last five games with at least 50 yards receiving playing against a defensive secondary who ranks in the bottom half of league. You can code it out and get exactly what you are looking for. Now imagine, you take that type power of customization and use the data in an add-in like OpenSolver to select multiple lineups. OpenSolver is like Excel Solver, but without decision variable limitations. You may see Daily Fantasy Sports Football Optimizer, but it is a tool, and it can be used for almost any sport. Data and projections will change and some of the rules to create a valid roster will change, but it can be done. Therefore, the bigger picture regarding this post is about creating a tool to save you time and using data to fit your DFS strategy.

It may be too early to talk DFS football; however, the instructions you gain from this book can be applied to other Daily Fantasy Sports. There would be different code syntax at work, but the concept virtually the same. With the ability to customize the data and projections, you are taking data accessed by millions and shaping it manner that is most beneficial to your DFS strategy. It really is about learning new techniques to improve your lineup construction. To win DFS contest consistently, you have to be different from the next guy; therefore, using spreadsheets and building an optimizer will help put the ideas you have regarding DFS strategy to work.

DFS lineups advice is great and think everyone should be sharing helpful ideas, but you should take any advice shape it into what best suited for you and your DFS strategy. By reading the book, you will learn some of the VBA code I use to save time downloading game and splits log as well as other stats and projections. Blueprint for a Winning Daily Fantasy Sports Football Optimizer maybe will not win you millions, but with the correct data and your DFS strategy anything is possible. You will also learn more complex concepts to help you use a ranking system to show the popularity of a player in my second book regarding building an optimizer for DFS basketball.

Hopefully, everyone had been winning in the various DFS sports. You are learning and improving your strategy with every DFS contest you enter.