NCAA Needs to be Overhauled

NCAA Needs to be Overhauled

The NCAA continues to show disproportioned ways to implement penalties throughout college sports. It is difficult to see why Jim Tressel still employed by the Ohio State Buckeyes Head Coach, when he did basically the same as former University of Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl, he lied to the NCAA.

USC Trojans are on probation for wrongdoings that was done during the Reggie Bush Era, but the Cam Newton incident does not cause any penalties to be levied on the Auburn Tigers football team or Mississippi State Bulldogs. NCAA Rules Committee needs to be overhauled.

Tressel is great football coach and suspension of five games when Pearl loss his job for practically the same infractions shows the NCAA needs to be consistent across the board. Many would like to say they are different circumstances that cause for the NCAA to use their judgment, but how do they manage to get it wrong often.

When will the NCAA be held accountable for holding everyone to the same rules and not let it differ because they exist in certain conference or have such a prestigious name leading their college program? I am sure USC does not deserve to be on probation when no one on the team now was involved with the infractions. It is certainty that the Auburn Tigers should at the very least have been penalized for something since Newton should have been declared ineligible after it came to light his father committed an infraction.

These are just few examples where the NCAA was way off base and this is why they need a major overhaul.