NBA Predictions:Wizards over the Pacers It Can Happen in 7 Games

NBA Predictions:Wizards over the Pacers It Can Happen in 7 Games

The second round of the NBA Playoffs will get underway later today. There will be many great games to watch, but the game for tonight that most people will want to see is the Indiana Pacers versus the Washington Wizards. This game by many including myself will be intriguing. I am intrigued at what Pacers’ team will show up during the series. Pacers have not looked the part of the Number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference.

Washington Wizards have not made it to second round in nearly nine years. They face Indiana who will struggle on offense at some point in the game. Pacers are great defensive team. Indiana will need to play great perimeter defense against Wizards’ squad that has one of the best backcourts still playing for a NBA title. John Wall and Bradley Beal can score. When throw Trevor Ariza into the mix, you know why Pacers cannot sleep.

Pacers have Paul George and if plays up to his capability, he will be a bear for the the defensive-challenged Wizards.
Roy Hibbert must have far better series this time around or the Pacers will be eliminated. Nene and Gortat are capable big men on offense; therefore, they should keep Hibbert busy.

This is classic matchup of offense (Wizards) vs good defense (Pacers). However, the Pacers cannot go to sleep on offense, because the Wizards are better scoring team than the Hawks, it would be trouble for Indiana. I am going with the upset, Washington Wizards win series in another 7 game series. Indiana’s play has been too cold or hot. Wizards’ can run and their uptempo if they can play they will win.