NBA had the Hottest Sports Event Tickets on Wednesday

NBA had the Hottest Sports Event Tickets on Wednesday

Second day of the NBA season presented sport events that made the fans appreciate the exciting play of the game. The hottest sports event ticket of the night would be the Houston Rockets versus the Golden State Warriors. The game was run and gun like a throwback game when fast break ruled the game.

Miami Heat’s Big Three get their first win; and in ironic turn of events, the Boston Celtics were defeated by Lebron James’ former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Blake Griffin’s NBA debut looked like a dunk contest at your local recreation center when the Los Angeles Clippers clashed with the Portland Trailblazers.

Warriors and Rockets did not have to worry about the shot clock as both teams combined for jaw-dropping 260 points. Unfortunately, the Rockets lose for the second consecutive night in a close game. Luis Scola brought it to the Warriors with 36 points and 16 rebounds.

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Kevin Martin had another solid game in a losing effort. Martin tossed in 28 points. If both Martin and Scola were good then Monta Ellis was off the charts great for the Warriors. Ellis burned the Rockets with 46 points on nice efficient 18-24 shooting night. The “Baby face Gangster” Stephan Curry hit 25 points. Warriors beat the Rockets by the score of 132-128.

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The Heat did not take long to notch a game in the win column after their loss to the Boston Celtics on Tuesday. The Philadelphia 76ers will forever be a footnote or piece of trivia. The question would be what was the first team that Lebron James and Chris Bosh defeated for their first win as Miami Heat’s teammates? Dwyane Wade had a breakout game with 30 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists. Lebron scored 16 points, but it was his 9 turnovers that really were more jaw-dropping than his play for this game.

Rookie Evan Turner had a solid debut for the 76ers, as he scored 16 points and grabbed 7 rebounds. Heat 97-87 victory was the first win of many to come this season.

Just maybe, the Cleveland Cavaliers are better off without Lebron James as the Boston Celtics came into town thinking easy win; however, the Cavaliers had other things on their mind.

Ironically, the Cavaliers beat the Celtics one day after the Celtics beat the Miami Heat in their first game. Cavaliers’ J.J. Hickson torched the Celtics for 21 points. Rajon Rondo led the Celtics in scoring with 18 points. He also distributed the ball well with 9 assists.

Overall, the Cavaliers provided a great defensive effort against Boston. The balanced scoring for Cavaliers was enough to keep the Celtics off balanced on defense, and it was one of the few reasons why the Cavaliers won the game by the score of 95-87.

Los Angeles Clippers’ highlights highlighted the rookie Blake Griffin as he went off. He showed why he will be a load to handle on the block. Griffin was great for highlights but it was the Portland Trailblazers’ win that took some of the thunder out of Griffins’ thunderous dunks.

Fans who tuned in to watch the game understand what I am saying. Griffin had a spectacular debut. He dunked his way to 20 points, and snatched 14 rebounds from the glass. Trailblazers turned the Clippers away as Brandon Roy led the way with his 22 points. The final score for Trailblazers second victory in as many games was 98-88.

There were other notable games that made the NBA the best sports event ticket to have on Wednesday Night.

New York 98 Final New Jersey 101 Final
Toronto 93 Detroit 98

Sacramento 117 Final Atlanta 119 Final
Minnesota 116 Memphis 104

Milwaukee 91 Final Dallas 101 Final
New Orleans 95 Charlotte 86

San Antonio 122 Final Denver 110 Final
Indiana 109 Utah 88

Oklahoma City 106 Final
Chicago 95