NBA Finals Prediction:Miami Heat Three-Peat Despite Many Picking Spurs to Win it All

NBA Finals Prediction:Miami Heat Three-Peat Despite Many Picking Spurs to Win it All


It is unbelievable that many of these so-called basketball experts are not giving the Miami Heat a chance. Every article I read has the San Antonio Spurs winning in 7 games. Okay, Spurs have a better bench and homecourt advantage, but Heat still has the best basketball player on the planet in LeBron James. Last time I checked, D-Wade has played well in the NBA Playoffs. Chris Bosh is playing better in the last few games. Therefore, let’s not shine up Tim Duncan’s fifth NBA title’s trophy up just yet. The NBA Finals prediction that has everyone thinking three-peat.

Wining the NBA Finals will be a tough task for both teams and until Tony Parker proves he is at least 80 percent, my NBA Finals prediction cannot pick the Spurs to win. Home-court advantage will help the Spurs but this is just some adversity of achieving a three-peat. It can be done and if any team can do it the Heat can get it done. It matter of winning at least one or two games in San Antonio. Heat has proven during the NBA Playoffs they can get a win on the road.

X-factor for the Heat is Chris Bosh. Bosh must have his outside shot working throughout the NBA Finals. His outside shooting will force the Spurs big men to come out and guard him on the perimeter. It will help that someone not name Ray Allen step up off the bench. Norris Cole has proven to be great on defense when his on the court; therefore, the Heat will need more of his defense to slow down Parker. It would not hurt the Heat if Mario Chalmers scored little more.

Spurs have the tools to win it all and I would silly to say they cannot, but you cannot just write-off the Heat. Many fans do not like James and think Wade is too old, but you have to look at what they still able to do. Heat can still win their third consecutive NBA Championship. It will take 7 games, but Heat will three-peat. This is my NBA Finals prediction and I am sticking to it.