NBA an Acronym for No Bargaining Agreement and that spells Lockout

No Bargaining Agreement is great acronym for the NBA when the clock struck 12:00 A.M. Friday, July 01, 2011. The lockout is officially on for yet another professional sports league. It may put the upcoming 2011-2012 season in jeopardy. A league making billions of dollars you would think they could have avoided a lockout. Collective Bargaining Agreement is three words that has probably has a renewal on its 15 minutes of fame.

There could be a quick resolution; however, it is only wishful thinking for fans that does not want to see a shorten season. With so much money involved, it will be another long drawn out process as the two sides, players and owners will have to meet in middle to get it all done. How many concessions will have to be made and what side is more willing to do what is needed for the bigger picture are the questions fans may ask themselves. The only question both players and owners are probably going to need to answer is how do we split this pie so they can all can live happily ever after.

Not since 1998 has the NBA seen a lockout, but fans should prepare for a long hard look at the grim monster that could eat up the season if it lingers. Fans are looking forward to seeing if Miami can actually win the Big One, if Dallas can repeat or can Kobe play and win with Mike Brown as Head Coach. Those and other scenarios will play out once the lockout ends.

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