Miami Heat are Eastern Conference Champions and Ready to Three-Peat

Eastern Conference Champions Miam Heat's Lebron James

Miami Heat are Eastern Conference Champions and Ready to Three-Peat

The Eastern Conference Champions Miami Heat took care of business, and now they will have the chance to win their third consecutive title. The Heat will be only the third franchise to advance to the NBA Finals four consecutive years. The Indiana Pacers fall in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals by the final score of 117-92.

Basketball fans had to believe that LeBron James would bounce back from a 7 point-total in Game 5. He bounced back with a 25-point effort along with 6 assists and 4 rebounds. Chris Bosh chipped in 25 points and D-Wade had 13 points and 6 assists to blowout a Pacers team that could not find the fortitude shown in their Game 5 victory. Heat largest lead was 37 points.

Heat defeated the best defensive team left in the NBA Playoffs by 25 points. It truly makes the statement that Heat are ready for the next challenge. The Heat will be able to get some much needed rest as they await the San Antonio Spurs or OKC Thunder. James did not give in to the antics of Lance Stephenson. He played his game and took care of business in Game 6. This is why Miami are Eastern Conference Champions.

Indiana as usual just could not find enough offense to make a difference in the game. In the off-season, Pacers must address their struggles on offense. Paul George is the scorer for this team and he had 29 points. David West scored 16 points. You needed more from your starters such as Roy Hibbert and George Hill. Lance Stephenson had 11 points.

Heat star players are willing to be unselfish and do whatever it takes to come up with the win. James knew he had to bounce back and stay out of foul trouble. He did that. This team will always be a contender when you have players does not worry about being the star. Bosh came alive in the last few games of the series to stretch the floor and make Hibbert a non-factor. Miami found ways to win throughout the series. Now they find themselves ready to three-peat. Their play made it a possibility and made their Eastern Conference Championship dreams a reality. Once again the Miami found themselves on the NBA Finals Ticket.