No Love in Minnesota Could Be Great For the Chicago Bulls or Golden State Warriors

Minnesota TimberWolves Kevin Love

No Love in Minnesota Could Be Great For the Chicago Bulls or Golden State Warriors

Minnesota TimberWolves Kevin LoveWhy Do You Want Kevin Love on your team. He possibly the best stretch four in the game. He will score and will hit the boards. He opens up the offense for any team with a guard that can get into the lane. Love is a walking double-double. He low-post defense will not make fans standup and applaud; however, his other great attributes make up for his average interior-defense. With Love, there are teams that could find themselves in the NBA Finals or at least the team would be closer to the NBA Final with Love on their roster.

Love wants out of Minnesota. and he may not want to wait for Free Agency. He wants to test the market and it probably does not go over well with Minnesota Timberwolves’ organization and fans. He is the franchise and with his departure many players will lose interest in playing with Minnesota.

Love wants out and he wants to go to a contender. Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks may have drawn the short-straw since it highly unlikely either team will be a contender next season. The Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls are at top of Love’s list of future teams.

Kevin Love by Basket Infos

In order to for the Golden State Warriors to land Love, it almost guarantees the departure of Klay Thompson and David Lee. Love and Lee both are not good defensive players but Love is a better rebounder and shooter that will stretch defenses. Love with Stephan Curry would be a dynamic pick-roll duo. Warriors will have Andrew Bogut to more than makeup for Love’s defense deficiency. However, it would be difficult to breakup the Splash Brothers if Thompson is added to the package to get Love. Thompson is a fan favorite. Love can help the Warriors on the boards. However, you add Love to mix, the team will remain weak defensively. Love is not scorer on the low-block. Love depends on his jumpshot to help other parts of his game on offense. Therefore, beyond his rebounding, you get another face-up shooter which will bring opposing big men from the basket.

The Chicago Bulls may be the best spot for both Love and Chicago. It may cost the Bulls players like Taj Gibson or Jimmy Butler, but Love would give them a much needed second offensive threat that would help a healthy Derrick Rose. Love does lack defense, but having JoaKim Noah in the lineup, Love’s defense will not be a liability. Chicago needs a scorer and a person that has a consistent outside shot, and they would get it if they are able to sign Love. Love and Rose would create a great pick and roll tandem. With Love’s outside shooting ability, he opens the floor up for Rose. Rose’s ability to get to the rim with the dribble-drive will free-up Love when defenses collapses to protect the Paint. Chicago Bulls need do whatever it takes to get Kevin Love on the roster.

Love could push any team over the hump, because it is difficult to find a strong rebounder and scorer.