Why Do You like College Football

Why Do You like College Football

During this time of year you get little bit of this or little bit of that, but you guaranteed to get your fill of College and pro football. Baseball has a few more months to go, but the NFL will will be in full swing in a matter of days. Your favorite College Football
icon team may have turned you into a couch potato for few hours already.

I like College Football for the action and how much one game win or lose could greatly effect a team’s season. You cannot have the soft schedule or all those wins are blow-out games. It doesn’t mean much. Oregon Ducks come to mind when I think of a high-scoring team; however, the high-octane offense seems to never find itself playing for a National Championship. College Football Playoff should definitely help this team.

With College Football, you can almost consider it a sin to lose late into season. You have to be the best team and keep winning no matter what team is on your schedule. Alabama Crimson Tide
icon has been one of the best if not the best team in College Football in the last five years but last year’s loss to Auburn crushed any hopes of them returning to play for another National Championship.

Young players become virtual superstars with each game played. This can be good and bad thing for some College Football players. For example, I looked at so many quarterbacks that played in offenses that allowed them to pass for 500 yards and million touchdowns or so it seems; however, the next level some of the same quarterbacks with incredible numbers do not make it onto the field. The College game is more about the first team to 60 points wins and from such offensive outbursts College Football stars are born.

Well what would College Football be without the rivalries. The two teams could have the worst season ever, but if it is rivalry game, you would think the two teams were playing for a National Championship. Ohio State Vs Michigan is first rivalry come to mind when think of College Football rivalry. It’s the equivalent of North Carolina Vs Duke in College Basketball. There are so many rivalries out there but you get the picture.

These are just few reasons why I like College Football. Fans around the country are getting their fair-share of it now. Tell my why you like College Football in comment.