Learn More about Upsets, RGIII is he the Franchise QB, and Detroit Playing With Discipline

Learn More about Upsets, RGIII is he the Franchise QB, and Detroit Playing With Discipline

Week 2 of the NFL Regular Season, you know I have my eye on the Dallas Cowboys versus the Houston Texans. Cowboys should be able to get their first win if they can limit their turnovers. Dez Bryant needs to have a big game and Demarco Murray minus any fumbles needs to have another solid performance to secure the Cowboys’ first win.

Now I must say I found this video below quite interesting because of few statements that were made. It is not really about the upsets that the experts picked but the statement regarding RGIII and the Detroit Lions. Washington Redskins like Dallas are also looking for their first win of the NFL Regular season. A few people in the video are wondering if RGIII is the right fit for the Redskins.

I am first to say it is too early to start saying what player should be there or not. RGIII is under new head coach and it will take time before he really pans out as the star many expect for him to be. He did not throw a touchdown but he did not pass for touchdown. Griffin had 267 yards passing. Griffin strives in an offense that has a balanced attack and you did not see that in Redskins’ loss to the Houston Texans. I am not sure how you can draw the conclusion he is not the right fit in Washington only after one game. Griffin has the skill set to be a franchise quarterback; however, it takes time. The only question will be how long will Washington’s organization wait before Kirk Cousins takes over the team. RGIII is dangerous as zone-read quarterback and he provides the threat of the run. He does not control what the offensive coordinator gives him for plays. However, his strengths should be utilized. I personally will not give on RGIII as a starter, he can get the job done.

Detroit Lions also mentioned in the video, they definitely needed more discipline to help better team. They defeated the New York Giants and you did not see many bonehead plays or penalties that would hurt the team. It is only 1 game into the NFL Regular Season; therefore, that undisciplined could raise its ugly head later on. Detroit’s Head Coach Jim Caldwell has proven he wins games and he definitely will keep the Lions mentally focused and ready to play each week.

Learn more about few possible upsets that may occur in the NFL by watching the video below. Tell me your thoughts regarding the RGIII or the Detroit Lions or anything regarding the NFL with a comment.