Learn How The BACARDÍ Untameable Fans Contest Could Make Lucky Fan A Winner

Learn How The BACARDÍ Untameable Fans Contest Could Make Lucky Fan A Winner

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of BACARDÍ for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

How avid of a fan are you for your team playing in the final cup?  Needless to say, you are probably a diehard fan willing to show your team the spirit that pushes them to score that goal needed to win it all. Everyone wants their team to come out on top, because you cheer for the win.  There are many fans with passion and great team spirit. They are not afraid to show it.  Many of the fans like you are showing the passion for their team by participating in The BACARDI Untameable Fans Contest.

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The BACARDI Untameable Fans Contest can be loads of fun for everyone.   However, you want to win and be among  the untameable fans  as they passionately cheer at the final cup. It begins by knowing exactly what it takes to be the lucky fan to win. The BACARDI Untameable Fans Contest wants to find out how dedicated you are as a fan.   The contest wants you to show what prized possession are you willing sacrifice  for a very amazing trip of a lifetime to one of the countries participating in the final match of The Cup.   The contest is not about a fan being rowdy, overbearing, or too aggressive.  This contest is about the fan who shows dedication and willingness to cheer for their team when they are not doing well and when the team are looking virtually unbeatable.  You will support your team through it all is the type of fan that will participate The BACARDI Untameable Fans Contest and maybe lucky enough to win.

I am a BACARDÍ Untameable Fan  because I show my team support even when they are struggling. I feel the excitement of a tough victory in a great game. It could be soccer or it could be the sport of basketball.  It is important to stay dedicated to your team, and it definitely begins by showing some team spirit.

Like the great game of soccer, you have to play to get the chance to win.    Therefore, you must Enter to Win The BACARDI Untameable Fans Contest. It begins by going to The BACARDI Untameable Fans Contest site and upload a picture of yourself along with the prized possession or just the item you are willing to give up in order to win an amazing trip. It could be autographed basketball by King James, your favorite food like pizza or almost anything that will be difficult to sacrifice to win. I know I will Make a Sacrifice to give up my trusty laptop pictured below.

My trusty laptop


My laptop is very necessary, and I am on it nearly every day because I am self-proclaimed tech-geek. However, I would be willing to give up my laptop for chance to win a great trip.   Please understand the contest is not about the million and one selfies you may have waiting to share with the world.  You want to upload a picture of the possession or yourself with the thing you are most willing to sacrifice to win.


Like in soccer, it is always good to know your competition.   You can find out how stiff the competition is by checking out the Sacrifice Gallery.  There will be many passionate and dedicated fans there for the competition.  Therefore, you have to bring it to truly be a winner of The BACARDI Untameable Fans Contest.

The Cuba Libre will be a great drink to enjoy while watching the match.  Cuba Libre also is the official drink of BACARDI Untameable Fans.   If you really a diehard fan, you can check out the Champions Cocktails section to see the recipe of your country’s drink.


I will be cheering for good old USA to pull off the upset.  What team do you want to win?  Please leave a comment regarding what team you want to win and do not forget to show Bacardi support by entering to win the contest.  I wish all of you good luck and thanks for reading.

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