NBA Investigation Of Clippers’ Owner’s Alleged Ingorance Caught On Tape

NBA Investigation Of Clippers’ Owner’s Alleged Ingorance Caught On Tape

Now, you know it will be interesting to see what the NBA will actually do once it finds out the allegations of Clipper’s owner has been proven true. You cannot fine a man of such wealth because it means nothing. It would not take away the fact the person think it is okay to make money off the backs and effort of minorities but still want to show them that racism is alive and well. NBA investigation of Clippers’ owner is the first step. If the allegations are true then the NBA cannot just give him a slap on the risk. The players suffer because this ignorance is a big distraction and it is not needed.

Clippers’ owner your thoughts are your thought right, wrong or indifferent but it should not have a place in a league that is predominately made of Afro-Americans. You can leave the NBA and you would not be missed. Many will agree the ignorance of racism is not needed anywhere. I am not sure any player going forward will want to don a Clipper’s uniform.

It may be good idea to have the Clippers’ owner give up the franchise and never comeback. However, it sad that this is not the first time Clippers’ owner has been involved in racially controversy. Therefore, the NBA needs to get it right if punishments are coming.

Stuff like this truly make me think of slavery when the slave-owners could work a slave like a dog and make money from their effort and then treat them like they were not human or piece of property. It is not needed.

Therefore, the NBA help the Clippers’ owner by taking the franchise from him. He would not have to see black people come to game when he has no franchise. We, black people does not have to see you and your ignorant ways. Learn more about what other people are saying about the Clippers’ owner’s ignorance.

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