How the Dallas Cowboys Can Defeat the San Francisco 49ers

How the Dallas Cowboys Can Defeat the San Francisco 49ers


Dallas Cowboys open up the 2014 NFL Regular Season against the San Francisco 49ers. A great test for the Cowboys right out of the gate. Things the Cowboys’ fans want to see are how well have Dallas D improved. It has to make giant leaps forward to stop the 49ers and improve on a 8-8 record from last season. It dd niot matter what opposing offenses tried againd the defense it seemed to work. Last season near the bottom of league against the run and pass, it is last year and the pitful performance should not be repeated.

Tony_Romo_(cropped)The Cowboys’ air attack was pretty solid and if 49ers has not improved against the pass look for big days from Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. As long as the Cowboys can keep the play-calling balanced, they should be able to come away with the first victory of the season. However, I have not seen a quarterback make a throw while on his back. 49ers will be able to get more than enough pressure on Romo if the offensive line still have problems that led to Romo being sacked 35 times.

Dallas needs a great game from DeMarco Murray. He must find some holes in that tough defense of the 49ers. 49ers’ defense has been quite stingy in the past against the run. With a good game form Murray, it means the Cowboys are not being too predictable with just passing the ball.

The keys to victory for the Cowboys are protect Romo, keep the offensive play-calling balanced, and stopping the run. 49ers like to control the clock by running the ball and the Cowboys cannot allow extended drives or it could be costly for them. The experts in Vegas are picking the 49ers to win this a game by at least 4.5 points. History has shown when the experts pick the 49ers to win on the road, they usually do not disappoint. However, I am going to show little faith in a team that I have cheered for since the days of Hall of Fame running back Tony Dorsett. Dallas wins its first game of the season.